Monday, May 22, 2006

Earth... living, breathing, heating up...

I'm in this science class these days studying natural disasters, and lately I've begun to ponder a few questions that maybe WE here can discuss and see if we find concensus. Over the last few months we've seen many "Mine" disasters and their causes are, for some, still not known. We have massive hurricanes hitting places all over the world. Typhoons in the Pacific as in Australia and China and Hurricanes in the Atlantic basin.

We have volcanoes around the Pacific "Ring of Fire" getting steamed up and becoming active, we have earthquake threats coming from the Pacific Northwest. We had the giant Tsunami of Boxing Day 2004, where hundreds upon thousands died from the massive over 750 mile upheaval of the oceans deep sea plates. Ive seen numerous scientific studies and programs on the real cause on Discovery and other science presentations.

So we know that the earth is a living breathing planet with the core and mantle producing heat and the natural rhythm of the earth is cyclical. We have the hydrosphere, Lithosphere and the asthenosphere. The inner core creates heat, which in turn creates the movement of the earth's plates. We have subductions and hot spots and tectonic and earthquake zones all over the earth.

The earth is ever moving, ever changing. The earth breathes through the land and through the sea. The earth is running HOT as of late, well "long of late" in fact. The heat generated by the earth heats the oceans on a grand scale. We have total proof that global warming has cased severe heating of the earth atmosphere that has in turn begun to change the atmospheric conditions of the earth as well. Glaciers are receding at alarming rates/degrees, the poles are melting and the ice flows that are necessary for the environmental and for the natural evolution of the animals and peoples who ive in those regions have been affected.

So we have the earth in new heating stages, and we know this is happening because of scientific proof and golbal catastropic storms, volcanoes and such and so forth. So these mines are many kilometers below the surface of the earth, and we know the earth is a living breathing planet. So do you think that the gasses escaping any way they see fit has caused and will continue to cause these disasters on a human scale, and maybe it is not due entirely on human error and safety violations. But MAYBE just maybe, the earth is expelling gasses into spaces created by man in areas where gasses are and can be prevalent? Because where there are fissures in the earths plates and spaces, gasses are sure to be found in excessive amounts.

If global warming is a FACT and the earth is giving us clear signs that "things are happening" for a reason then maybe we should pay attention a little closer? How many more natural disasters need to happen to the earth inhabitants before we start paying attention to a planet that is changing internally and externally. We know that the magnetic poles are shifting and that could be catastrophic to the earth and we know that the Solar Activity of the sun will get progressively worse as the suns activity rises the earth will be bombarded by solar flares as it is daily every day but in a more severe fashion should the big solar storm happens as predicted.

The volcanoes around the ring of fire are active in one form or another. The hot spot we call Hawaii is active. Did you know about Loihi? General Information about Loihi.

Loihi seamount, sometimes known as the "youngest volcano" in the Hawaiian chain, is an undersea mountain rising more than 3000 meters above the floor of the Pacific Ocean (Loihi is the red-capped nub that is pointed out in the of the image above). Both Loihi and Kilauea volcanoes sit on the flank Mauna Loa volcano, an older, larger, and still active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Loihi sits submerged in the Pacific off of the south-eastern coast of the Big Island of Hawaii (this is the grey area labeled "Hawaii" at the top of the image). Although hidden beneath the waves, Loihi is nevertheless taller than Mt. St. Helens was prior to the catastropic volcanism there in 1980.

Before to the 1970's, Loihi was not known to be an active volcano. Instead, it was thought to be a fairly common old seamount volcano of the type that surrounds the Hawaiian islands. These latter volcanoes are similar in age (80-100 million years old) to the sea floor upon which the Big Island of Hawaii sits. This sea floor was itself created some 6000 km away on the undersea volcanic mountain chain known as the East Pacific Rise. It has slowly moved north-westward to the present location of the Hawaiian Hotspot.

In 1970, our ideas about the seamount changed drastically following an expedition that went to Loihi to study an earthquake swarm (intense, repeated seismic activity) that had just occurred there. It was revealed that Loihi was a young, active volcano, rather than an old dead seamount from a bygone aeon. The volcano is mantled with young and old lava flows and is activly venting hydrothermal fluids at it's summit and south rift zone.

In August 1996 Loihi volcano rumbled to life again with a vengence and has been intermittantly active since then (as described below and elsewhere at this web site). In fact, University of Hawaii scientists studying the seamount following the 1996 seismic swarm have found direct evidence of a volcanic eruption there in 1996, making this the first confirmed historical eruption of the seamount.

Loihi shares the Hawaiian hot spot with its larger active siblings Mauna Loa and Kilauea. You can view a schematic representation of the geometry of this situation HERE. If you would like to learn more about how the Hawaiian islands formed from a single mantle hotspot, visit the Formation of the Hawaiian Islands web page at this site.

This upwelling could very well become the next Hawaiian Island.

I am a wealth of scientific information today. So let's talk. Do you think that we should pay more attention to the natural processes of the earth and maybe we should talk to the mine companies and tell them to test for gasses deep in the mines and maybe the governments of the world could take notice that a heating - breathing - earth is trying to tell us something that nobody at governmental levels is paying attention to the outward signs that the earth is definitely active and evolving and changing.

There are reports today that the N.O.A.A. (The national oceanic and atmospheric association) is thinking about adding another Category ( 6 ) to the table of Hurricane and Typhoon intensities, I mean if the scientists are debating adding higher categories to one class of natural disasters, then there will be more additions to other tables, which means that across the board we can think about adding higher richter scale levels and new volcanic eruption levels ... there is a pattern emerging here.

The earth is sending clear signals, when are we going to start paying attention to it, do we need another major catastrophic event to occur that kills then of hundreds of thousands of people like it did in 2004?

Time to wake up and listen to the land!!!

Imagine, just for a moment
that a planet of just the right size
lies just the right distance
from its Mother Star
Imagine, just for a moment...


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