Thursday, May 18, 2006

Climbing the mountain...

It is said that men and women who climb Mount Everest must never approach the mountain with a sense of arrogance, control or disrespect. Those who do, it is said, may never make it up the mountain at all. Her name in Nepal is Sagarmatha - the Goddess of the Sky, in Tibet she is known as Chomolungma - Mother Goddess of the Universe. When one approaches the mountain one must pay respect to the mountain and give her the respect she is due, one must know the route one will take up the mountain, one must acclimate to the atmosphere as one climbs, and proper rituals must be followed before ones climb begins. One cannot successfully climb a mountain with an ego or arrogance, because pride cometh before the fall. I've done that and failed. Now I know how to approach the mountain respectfully, and ask permission to ascend and take the time to learn the rituals that are expected of me in response to permission given.

With that said...

I guess life for me is something similar to climbing a mountain. I stood at the bottom, looking up saying to myself, "how the hell am I going to get up there?" and the mountain responded, "start climbing." But first there are rituals you must perform and you must realize that only those who respect the mountain will be allowed to reach the summit. There are many variables that one cannot even fathom from where you stand, so make sure you realize just what you are up against.

I went to the sherpa station and talked to some guides, then I went back to the city and gathered my gear, and prepared to begin my journey. I stopped off at a temple to make my offerings to the goddess of the mountain. I meditated on the journey, I got to know some of the other climbers and we set off for base camp.

I actually have a bag from


which is called the Mt. Everest Summiter City Bag.

Bring home a piece of adventure with a City bag featuring a piece of tent from Camp 2 on Mt Everest. This piece of adventure was part of expedition tents at Camp 2 from 2001 to May 2004. It is authenticated by Lakpa Rita Sherpa, 6-time Mt Everest summiter and 7-summit climber.

This exclusive bag is available for a limited time only with our Mt Everest Summit keyholder made with an actual piece of rope from the ascent to the South col. This piece of rope is authenticated by Lakpa Rita sherpa.


Life is like a climb up Everest for some of us, well probably like all of us. If you've ever seen the information one has to read to climb Everest, the mental, emotional and physical preparation one has to make prior to the climb, and then the "gear list" it is just an amazing feat of accomplishment.

No, I've never climbed any great "Land Mountain" But I am looking at an expedition to Kilimanjaro in the coming years. So I've sent a request to Thomson Treks for information on the trek and safari. This trek I hope to take in 2008. I saw a special on a group of women - very recently - who summited Kilimanjaro on television (were they from Canada? I can't remember) . I guess this is news to you right? Jeremy talks about climbing mountains all the time, well, why hasn't he actually done it yet? Ok so its in the works...

I guess because I have some sense of mortality and I know how much it work it will be to actually get there and do the climb. I've been mulling this trip for a long time. And many of my blogger friends are doing "gap year" and "exploration trips" abroad. I guess its time to make my own stake in the world of exploration.

I have actually climbed "ranges" before. In high school I spent 18 days trekking thought the Appalachian Trail in the Carolina's, I have been on top of mountains in Kitzbuehel, Austria, that was in 1987. But nothing like what I "want" to do. I might try to work out a sponsorship program to raise funds to climb Kilimanjaro. That would be interesting wouldn't it? How many long term Poz men and women have climbed Kilimanjaro or even the Big Climb of "Everest!!!" I found this link to Canada West Mountain School and sent them a request for information, so we will see what comes up.

Life - and the living of Life is an uphill climb. And for most of us, there are no maps, just the testimony of people who came before us. And how many people in your life do you actually trust to share their map with you? There were so many variables to the lives of those who came before me. Problems, addictions, medical issues such and so forth. And I've faced down the mountain before and failed in my summit attempts.

When I came to Montreal a number of years ago, it was to follow a series of spiritual clues I was given one at a time, over the last 5 years. I came to Montreal with expectation, ALOT of expectations. But in recovey, we learn that expectations are just pre-packaged resentments. Getting sober was a climb in itself, staying clean was a climb in itself, and the major climb was staying alive with HIV. On my first sober anniversary a good friend, said to me "Jeremy, you've seen the mountain, and you climbed it and now you are standing here looking at it from this perspective, now that you've climbed this mountain, what are you going to do for yourself?"

That question took two weeks to answer... And so I decided that a University diploma would look nice hanging next to my citizenship declaration, since that day, We have added a marriage certificate to the wall and I am well on my way to attaining that University Diploma in the next eighteen months. Taking the lead of several of my friends a celebration gap-trip would be


So are you up for a challenge? Do you wanna climb that mountain you are stading there staring up at? Is there a mountain on the horizon that you can see from afar and you're not sure what you are going to do when you get there? Well, this might be a good place to start.

Stay Tuned...


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