Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Challenge of Failure....

In God's economy, nothing is wasted. Through failure, we learn a lesson in humility which is probably needed, painful though it is. (As Bill Sees It, pg. 31)

How thankful I am today, to know that all my past failures were necessary for me to be where I am now. Through much pain came experience and, in suffering. I became obedient. When I sought God, as I understand Him, He shared His treasured gifts. Through experience and obedience, growth started, followed by gratitude. Yes, then came peace of mind - living in and sharing sobriety. (Daily Reflections - February 25 - pg. 64)

Hindsight is 20/20 and I am at the age now that enough time has passed between the first part of my life, and today, and I can say, I remember when, and I am able to put into context what happened in the past and why what happened "Happened!" And I can appreciate the lesson that I can now learn from now that time and wisdom has become my friend. I don't seek to fail, and in the same breath, I don't set the bar so high that I fail to reach the mark on a daily basis. I still have expectations, but they are not as HIGH as they used to be. What I expect is that when someone says something that they follow through with the action to back it up.

Failure is Not an Option !!!

I live on borrowed time, and on God's good graces. And I respect that privelege. I don't waste it worrying about my failures, for every day brings opportunity to learn something new If I am able to see the lesson that is presented. And if I miss it, it may come by again, and maybe it won't. You never know. People who do not learn their lessons the first time are doomed to repeat their mistakes until they do. Pay attention, don't make expectations that overstep what you can handle at any given moment, because expectations are just pre-packaged resentments. When I am in fear or in pain, it is a good idea to pay attention to why I am "in this state" because that means that there is a lesson I had yet to learn and haven't that's why I am "in the mix" so look out for roadsigns on the path and make sure to note what they say, you might need that information sooner or later on the journey.

"Success is not measured by the position one has reached in life,
but rather by the obstacles overcome while trying to succeed".

Author Unknown


Blogger Spencer said...

Thanks for the kick in the ass I know I need to get in and take care of things and I am very soon.

Great Post Jeremy

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