Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cable TV is useful...

Tonight I started my first Summer Session 1 class, GELZ 298D with Professor Patterson. A very lovely woman who is smart, witty, and knowledgeable. For many years I have been interested in the sciences, not in the numerics fashion, I suck at numbers but moving on...

**Edit Part I **

I should add that I subscribe to a number of scientific journals, I follow Nasa and the JPL and all the Mars, Asteroid and Hubble pages. So I am not as dumb and simple as I may look. Me thinks I have some sensability and knowledge, but I am far from calling myself a scholar, but I am getting there one day at a time !!!

When I am home and this has been the case for years upon years, I keep some form of television on in the background, even if I am not "watching it." I have always paid attention to disaster information, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunamis as of late years. With the dawn of 24 hour cable reporting channels it is hard to avoid watching and processing that kind of information. Such is the case with the latest hurricane, tsunami, earthquake, floods, mudslides and natural disasters around the world and even in space. I love science and the earth and the solar system. You see the longer you watch edumacational television, the more you learn even if you're not "studying it!" This course is called GELZ 298 (D-for disaster).

It is interesting how much information I have learned over the last few years and watching alot of interesting television, I think, in a way has payed off because I am not "on the outside" in a room full of science people. I have always been interested in learning about science and the way the earth moves, is affected and evolves. We are bombarded daily with some form of disaster information be that famine, terror, genocide, medical, ecological, natural disaster etc...

We live in the information age, and if you take a watch of cable television over any given week, there is really great stuff to watch. You never know when that kind of knowledge will pay off.

Living in Florida for the whole of my life, I have seen alot of disaster. Add to that I am right up on current events around the world scientific, space-wise, ecological, and human. I have alot of knowledeg in my head, and I walked into this class today - it is the same lecture hall that 409 was in last term. BUT there are probably over 300 students in the class. So I get there early which was a good thing because I sit in the same seat I sat in before.

There are ALOT of science students in this class, which maked me a little freaky, but you know what, I have knowledge and experience and I am able to sit in class and really understand what the professor is lecturing about, WHY, because I read alot. I watch a shitload of educational television and Discovery Science, History, Civilization, T.L.C and National Geographic such and so forth.

I found it peculiar how science texts have been published with numerics that do not properly represent the severity of fatalities especially where hurricanes are concerned. I can see from this start of class that numbers do not tell the entire story - which I brought up in class - the socio-economic impact of misrepresentation of scientific information and the true human disaster/fatality numbers.

I like this class, I like it alot, in fact. I need another really good grade to bump up that GPA before the Fall term begins.

** Edit part II **

I may not be a scholar, but the more I hear myself talk amongst my peers and friends when we talk about certain subjects like bible history, church politics and what I have learned I am convinced that I may just have learned something over the last 3 years and almost 39 years of life. I can be quite convincing. On Tuesday's my friends and I get together early for coffee and set up and we talk about religion and church and belief and what I have learned and even my friends say that I have come a long way in my studies. University may have changed the way I see the world around me, the way I practice and live my faith and share my truth. I think that is a good thing.


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