Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI to visit Poland

There is "talk" going around campus that POPE Benedict may Beatify John Paul II during his visit to Poland... I heard that from a well esteemed professor of Religion.


Pope Benedict XVI
The trip will be Benedict's XVI's second as Pope
Pope Benedict XVI will visit the home town of his predecessor and a Nazi concentration camp in a tour of Poland next month, the Vatican has said.

He will visit Wadowice, the late Pope John Paul II's birthplace, and the town of Krakow where he served as an archbishop before becoming pontiff.

He will also travel to the former death camp at Auschwitz, where over one million people died.

The trip, from 25 May to 28, will be his second foreign visit as Pope.

Pope Benedict will also visit Czestochowa, Poland's holiest shrine, and the capital Warsaw, the Vatican said.

He "wants to pay homage to his predecessor... and honour the country, church, diocese, and hometown of John Paul II, which were so dear to him," papal spokesman Archbishop Jozef Kowalczyk said.

Pope Benedict's visit to Auschwitz also follows in the footsteps of Pope John Paul II, who visited the camp during his first trip home in 1979.

In his first month in office, Pope Benedict pledged to continue his predecessors' work towards Catholic-Jewish reconciliation.


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