Sunday, April 02, 2006

On the First Anniversary...

I just finished my final exam for Donald's class "Religious Personalities" John Paul II. Last night CNN did a wonderful job with their retrospectives which I watched and taped for posterity. This afternoon I sat down and wrote a 9 page response to the exam question. Done! Finito!


Now I have my final project for 409 to complete and that is not due until April 27th.

And now a prayer

Lord Jesus, you raised up the dead
give eternal life to our brother,
Pope John Paul II

You sanctified him in the water
of baptism
give him fullness of life as a child
of God,

You nourished him with your body and blood
welcome him now, at the table of your

You called him to the See of Peter
your apostle, to lead the church
may he find peace and joy with you
the Chief Sheoherd

Oh God,
From whom the just receive an unfailing reward
grant that your servant, John Paul II
our Pope
whom you made vicar of Peter and shepherd
of your church, may rejoice for ever in the
vision of your glory, for he was a faithful
steward here on earth of the mysteries
of your forgiveness and grace.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.



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