Saturday, April 08, 2006

My blast from the past...

Isn't it nice not having to get up in the morning, not having to get homework printed up and walking the 6 blocks to the downtown campus! After watching the C.O.N. last night we crawled into bed around one o'clock and as always, we have Coast to Coast on the radio, which we both enjoy. I am rifling through another read of The Davinci Code in preparation for the May release of the movie of the same title.

I slept in today, again...

Hey, I like my warm cozy bed it's comfy !!

Hubby did the grocery shopping for dinner tonight, it is cooking in the crock pot at the moment. I got up when he left for the gym, and I loaded up my Windows Media player and listened to some Captain and Tennille music (circa 70's and 80's) I like dancing around the house when I am alone doing my weekly cleaning. For those of you not so familiar, in the 1970's when I was young, there used to be a variety television show on tv, called the Captain and Tennille show which they sang, did little skits ans welcomed guest entertainers on. (not so different from the Sonny and Cher show) of earlier years.

Anyways, I was a member of the fan club and I even saw them live in Concert at the Miami Dade Youth Fair when I was younger, that show also showcased the talented Dolly Parton. That was a really great show. I enjoy all kinds of music. Anyways, I bought a compilation Cd a few months ago to talk walks down memory lane when records were called Lp's and were vinyl and record players were in every kid's bedroom.

So I have my hoover in my hand standing all womanly doing "You Better Shop Around" and "Circles" and "You never done it like that!" in my best Toni Tennille drag!! Yes, I know sometimes I can be scary gay!! Hey, I only do drag at home when there is nobody here but me! There was a time when I worked for RCI that Toni Tennille was an entertainer when the Sovereign Class vessels were doing the 7 day runs to the caribbean. Although I never crossed paths with her.

The house is cleaned, I have begin to prepare my house for our grand visitor in May. Time to start washing the walls that need to be painted. I need to retouch the kitchen and the cabinets and paint the two remaining walls out in the living room before Memorial Day Weekend. I got me some new "Swiffer tools" that I used to dust to cobwebs outs of the corners and off the ceiling. I don't usually dust the ceiling! isn't this some mundane and pointless rambling?

Ok I am off to watch a movie...



Blogger Echo Mouse said...

I remember watching Captain and Tenille too :) We were big fans in my house.

Today, for some reason (who knows), I watched the Surreal Life. Alexis Arquette is on this season. Good Lord that show is twisted! Anyway, no matter how scary gay you think you are (and there is no such thing really is there?) Alexis would beat you and anyone else hands down. I like her but she is so not easy to deal with apparently.

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