Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday Musings...(3 April)

It is getting darker here as rain is in the forecast for tonight, and jeez, it's gonna SNOW tomorrow here in Montreal. YUCK!! I thought Winter was over already!! As you have read it was all about the movies this past weekend. I need to carry my ass over to my favorite book sellers this week to find me some read worthy books. There is one book I am looking forward to this Summer called "Edymion Spring" written by Matthew Skelton. This book is not due out until August but it is on my wish list !! I'll have some time to shop later in the week, since I had no desire to leave the comfort of my bed all weekend. Sleep is sacrosanct in this house, and with the opening of the windows now - noise is a constant companion in downtown Montreal. UGH!!

I was reading Obliquity today and he shared a few thoughts, books and beauty treatments since us "older men" are trying to escape the ravages of time, I offer my own beauty secrets. It's all about the hair - dontcha know! Lots of color and a visit to my favorite beautician up the block at the mall. There is a product on the market called Garnier skin naturals - LIFT - anti-wrinkle eye cream, and I have to say it works like a charm. I like to add a little Nivea Face Care for men Revitalizing Q10 formula to my daily beauty regimen after showering and shaving.

What am I reading at the moment: The Davinci Code - Yes once again. I am recycling books because I haven't had the time nor the cash to "drop shop" lately. What is "drop shop" you ask? Well, that's when "Sister Mary 'Chargealot' of the shopping bag" takes her mad money that she has collected over a few months time and "drop shops" at her favorite shops in the Place Montreal Trust/Eaton Centre Malls downtown I love, Love LOVE to shop! when I can mind you. One must pay the rent and bills first!! Oh yes, food is up there as well. That's a second thrill FOOD!! Do you ever crave McDonald's? I must be pregnant because this weekend I had to have me some Mickey D's - it is purely sinful!! Yum-mmY !!!

Well, I made it through the month of March without medical complications this year and I have sucessfully completed a Winter term of University Education without illness, sickness or having to drop a class because I could not keep up with the work!! Now I guess it is time to go pay the piper for 4 months of hospital freedom. I hate going to the hospital for labs because of the reports of massive amounts of people have gotten sick from just walking into hospitals here in Montreal.

Jerome has been busy as of late - I have to get a few stories up in the coming days, so stay tuned for that. School is grinding towards an end in the coming weeks thank the gods...and I will have a couple of weeks off before Summer Session 1 starts in May.

Maybe later I'll get my inner preacher fired up and write some more, I am not "feeling the spirit" at this moment, but I want to do some writing for Carl sometime soon. Suffice to say, if you are a parent and your son or daughter comes home and says "I need to talk" please, sit down and listen to them and don't react - but understand. And please Don't throw your children out of the house and disown them if the words "I am Gay" comes out of their mouths. That is just deplorable behavior by adults of today's day and age. WTF is that, It is just fucking MADNESS !!

OHHH.... rumor has it that Katie Couric is leaving "The Today Show" for the anchor chair at CBS evening news as the first "solo-woman" in the anchor chair at the esteemed CBS news center. I will update this as news becomes available. (I am watching Access Hollywood)!

Way to Go Katie !! She's gonna give Diane Sawyer and Elizabeth Vargas a run for their money!

ok time for dinner !!



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