Sunday, April 30, 2006

Let them come to the water...

"Oh let all who thirst, let
them come to the water.
And let all who have
Nothing, let them come
to the Lord."

Isaiah 55:1

I haven't felt so prolific or creative over the last few days, because I didn't have anything substantial or meaningful to offer my readers. I guess my well had dried up and I was empty of thought. I guess that is the closest I can come to explaining how I feel. The end of another academic year came to an end. All of my friends are gone. My "Posse of female" beauty has gone their way to live, work and to exist, and I am not sure where they are and if I may see them this Summer, (YES YOU - Call me you crazy women) some peoplewill graduate and I am trying to figure out what I am going to do with the Summer. I know I will be taking classes and so I have a plan to look at. It is still hard coming to the end of a year and then making sense of just how I have evolved as a man over the last year.

Self Review in Progress...

I've written some incredible stuff over the past year - Here on this blog and academically. I need to finish the edit on my manuscript and get on with some serious publishing in the coming months. It's not like I don't have anything to do, and It's not like I don't have anything to write about. I just felt a little empty. The structure of my day has changed and for someone in a program of recovery "structure" is very important. Now we begin a new schedule based around a very different structure.

Today it is beautiful out. The birds are singing and the sky is blue and I just needed to get out tof the house and go do something. So I got ready while hubby was at the store and when he came in I announced that "we were going out for the day." I have not entered the age of digital cameras yet, I like film and the camera, I needed to get some film at the photo shop. With film in hand we set off for Vieux Port, or the Old Port of Montreal. Which is a waterfront park, marina, cruise ship/container ship area. There are areas to sit on the grass and this is the marina.

This is the IMAX at Vieux Port - you can tell these pics are from last fall, I promise you some fresh pics as soon as I finish the roll in my camera. Ille St. Helen is across the waterway from the marina above. The grass is green and the trees are still budding - but I did take alot of pics of the old churches in Old Montreal for you to see. I will upload them to the blog in the coming days. It was great to go down to the water and get "re-charged." It has been a long and winding winter that has just passed and the days are getting longer and the sun is brighter and it is warmer out.

There is something divine about water, and the way it is a part of every living thing on earth. So today we went down to the water to just see other people communing with the sun and the air. The Old Port is a "must see" when visiting Montreal. The streets are still cobblestoned and much of the architechture is as it was hundreds of years ago. There is a real contrast of structure between the old and the new. I may go back this week to get some more shots of that contrast. We spent alot of time down on the pier watching the water pass by. There are a series of waterfalls that surround the "common space" where the pedal boats are in the protected lagoon where we found a rock climbing wall, an outdoor amphitheatre and a childrens park with swings and play area. I had never walked all the way down to the end of the pier before. I took a picture of a most beautiful clock tower on the waterfront. Following the example of certain bloogers of my acquaintance - I will be adding a flickr account for my photo journeys around the city over the coming months.

A short walk from the apartment is a little church
alled St. James the Apostle Church, the glass walled building to the left of the shot is the brand new Concordia University building, which is build on the adjacent corner. I spoke about the juxtaposition of the old and new build architechture. Last Night I watched a special on the gospels, and the Gnostic movement and how it differs from "vernacular christianity." I have been thinking alot about that over the last little while, since I submitted my proposal for my Masters Degree. Jesus, I've come this far, and things are getting really interesting. I've been reading some of the texts in the Gnostic Bible that I borrowed from one of my girlfriends when school ended this past semester. Interesting because I find myself seeking the divine from within, and some of the scholars talked about that last night on the special. There is something to be said about coming to "know" divinity for ones self. Many years into thsi journey and I know that for me that sacredness comes from within and divinity is cultivated in ones own garden of the heart. I guess my desire to seek the divine has changed and my understanding of God has changed as well.

My study of Religion has changed the way I see the "church," but God has remained constant.
I have come to a point where I have a choice to seek more truth in ways that are not necessarily within the perview of Holy Mother Church. I still have alot to learn, but I have to ask, have any of you seen the size of the Gnostic Bible? It's HUGE!! It may take me months maybe years to read this entire text. OMG!! I guess I feel a little more "Charged" today. So I need to get back to reading my blog list.

Did anyone notice from the commercials that Dr. George O'Malley got a haircut? Gotta love the Doc, boyz and girlz !!!

Have you all seen the Eagles Nest Cam yet? The link is located

(HERE: Eagle Eye Cam).

Upwards and Onwards.


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