Monday, April 03, 2006

I Crashed into a Geisha ...

Weekend Movie Roundup
Tonight's feature film was
Oscar Winner for Best Film 2006
A truly disturbing movie to watch, but I found
that I think we all go through this one way or another
Fantastic Movie, Gripping, Thought Provoking
Go rent it - if you haven't seen it

Memoirs of a Geisha
"Amazing film"
This is a sit down and do not fidget kind of movie
It is breath-takingly beautiful and with the
2 Disc DVD set you get the "extras"
which is over an hour of things to see and learn

There was such fine art in the creation and production
of this movie, that it gives you a real sense of
the work that went into a movie like this
I watched this film twice just so that
I did not miss anything...

Both of these films get 5 stars


If you like movies then you should go buy
both of these for your home theatre collection


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