Wednesday, April 19, 2006

God or the Girl - Discernment part 2

Since the comments came from the producers last night, I really spent all day thinking about the show and I even talked about it with my spiritual director. I want to address the young men in this post, not that they might read this, but you never know.

Steve - You are blessed to experience God in his humanity in those who have nothing to speak of except a shrine, some clothes and the kindness of strangers. Steven Curtis Chapman sings a song called What Now...

I saw the face of Jesus in a little orphan girl
she was standing in a corner on the other side of the world
and I heard the call of Jesus gently whisper to my heart
didn't you say you wanted to find me
well here I am here you are
So what now what will you do with the treasure you found
I know I may not look like what you expected
but if you remember this is right where
I said I would be
You found me, what now...

And I saw the face of Jesus down on sixteenth avenue
he was sleeping in an old car while his mom
went looking for food
and I heard the voice of Jesus gently whisper to my soul
Didn't you say you wanted to know me
Well, here I am and it's getting cold
So come and know Come and know know me now
Come, come and know know men now
Oh, come, come and know, know me now
come and know, know me now....

Steven Curtis Chapman
All things New


Whatever you choose to do, I support you. But to walk away from humanity after becoming part of that humanity would be a shame, even if your heart is broken at what you saw and how you felt, they need you as much as you need them. (Read - I Heard the Owl Call my Name - Margaret Craven) It's a wonderful story. I wish you God's peace and serenity.

Dan - the man of Zion House. There is much for you to figure out and I hope with that journey carrying your cross that God spoke to you and that you heeded that call. Even though you made all of these separations and closed the book on certain relations, I think that visiting a spiritual formation center would help you in your journey before you make your decision. It is one thing to decide to "Go" it is another to know just what it is you are walking into. You must find that your calling to God will superceed any "self centered" need or desire. We turn over our lives and our wills to the God of our understanding. We loose ourselves in the service of God and others. Your individuality becomes a communal life with the family of supporters and parishoners and friends will be your strength. Whatever you need will come from God, and that should be enough to sustain you, as long as you pray God's blessings and follow His will.

Joe - It has been a long journey, I think you kow where you should go from here. As the elder of the group, you know what the right thing to do. Don't you find that the right thing and the easy thing are not necessarily one in the same. sometimes they are. Getting past the "people pleasing" and finding out that only you can follow God because of yourself and for noone else. If you commit to God for others insistance, your calling will fall apart. You must always be sure of your motives and make sure you make your gratitude list at the end of your day. I am confident that you have made the right choice. (at least I hope you did).

God speed young men of faith, my prayers are with you.


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How cool is it that the Producer left a comment for you? :)

This was a nice series of posts Jer. Great job. You're very good at communicating your thoughts and feelings.

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