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The Exodus Decoded...

This multimedia presentation was quite amazing, with James Cameron and Simcha Jacobovinci was very telling. He provided a timeline for several events to explain the validity and factual proof that the Exodus really happened. I got to see this presentation twice in succession and the information provided from this documentary was very interesting.

The timeline stems from 1500 B.C.E. when a cataclysmic natural event - the eruption of the Santorini volcano in Greece started the succession of events that started the Exodus timeline from the plagues to Pharoahs release of the Jews from Egypt. Is there a scientific reasoning behind the God "events" as in biblical stories or do we find the "Presence" of God in these natural events? There is the question between science and divinity. Once again, it brings to mind much thought and question. As the presentation continued we even figure out the exact location of where Moses and the Pharoah Ahmose met at the splitting of the sea. It was thought to be the reign of Ramses II during this time, but now we have a name (Ahmose) who was the pharoah during this time period, and we have proof from the Egyptian museum that houses the mummy of the son of Ahmose who died during the end of the plagues brought on to the Egypt area.

The Yam Suf, or Reed sea. A misinterpretation of the translation of the place where Moses split the sea to bring the Hyksos across into the Holy Land to finally end up at the holy mountain where Moses received the ten commandments.

Located in a museum in Athens is a gold representation of the items located in the Holy of Holies the Altar and the walk up stairs to the sacrificial altar and as well, a depiction of the "Ark of the Covenant." It was said that no one had seen a real depiction of the Ark, but in this presentations, Simcha shows us a gold representation of the Ark and the Altar, which sat in the mobile temple which Moses erected in the desert below the Holy Mountain. Only Moses, Aaron and his son would have seen these things. Now we know what the ark may have looked like from the Athenian museum exhibit.

There is also proof in cave paintings that the Minoan civilizations of the Mediterranean were a part of Egyptian culture and the Hyksos people. There is art that shows a map of some of the people from the "exodus" making their way to Greece which proves that there was a connection between Santorini and Egypt.

We even have new coordinates to the Holy Mountain, that was once believed to be Mount Horeb, with some proof, these men were able to plot the possible "real" location of the Holy Mountain, at a place called, Gebel Hashem el-Tarif.

So take some time and go take the guided virtual tour of the museum and read the entire story behind the ideas I listed above. It's very interesting and sheds light on biblical history from a scholarly, religious, and archeological point of view.

You might find this interesting.

About the Exodus Decoded:
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Exodus. The very word evokes an epic tale of Pharaohs and Israelites, plagues and miracles, the splitting of the sea, the drowning of an army, Moses and the revelation at Sinai. The story is at the very heart of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. But many historians argue that the Exodus is a myth. Others disagree.

In the Exodus Decoded we analyze the latest archaeological findings and scientific papers; we explore the dusty back rooms of out-of-the-way libraries and museums around the world; and we track down dozens of forgotten relics and ancient documents. Individually, these findings are historical curiosities. Together they tell the true story of the Exodus.

In an explosive 2-hour documentary special, Exodus Decoded solves the mystery of the events of the Biblical Exodus for the first time ever.


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Snap Media is also producing the interactive companion to The Exodus Decoded, a new, two-hour High Definition documentary special by two-time Emmy Award-winning director Simcha Jacobovinci and Associated Producers, in association with Discovery Channel Canada and The Learning Channel. The Exodus Decoded Online will bring Jacobovinci's amazing discoveries about the story of Exodus alive, in a flash environment where international audiences will have the opportunity to visit a Virtual Museum, use a Virtual Time Machine and engage discussions in a powerful online community destination. The Exodus Decoded Online will be launching this fall/winter.


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