Monday, April 10, 2006

Did you notice...

Did you notice this past weekend the numbers of people marching in the streets of America over this "Immigration" issue that is at hand on the Hill? And did you notice today the "MILLIONS" of people marching through cities all over the United States today? And did you notice that people are getting brave to get out of the shadows and come to the light marching for rights and privleges in the "Land of the free and the home of the brave?" The land of milk and honey has a few million people who got up and said


to the United States Government

If ONLY the rest of America would get up and start demonstrating in the streets to end this wag the dog war in Iraq - we could bring this issue to a head once and for all. For you know that if people are marching in the streets over Immigration, that if others get fired up to march then


is not far behind

Imagine if every Latino person brought a friend with them to march, there would be a hell of alot of people marching against the government. And for once the people would speak and be heard and change would come and not as fast as it needs to happen. If this Immigration demonstration escalates into a work stoppage across the board, those rich, yuppy, arrogant Republican's with maids, gardeners, pool boys and workers of Latino backgrounds would scream a collective cry of horror at having to do their own laundry, shopping and house cleaning.

We saw today that some stores and restaurants had to close because of people marching. Now consider this, if the government does not listen, more marching will ensue. Hell hath no fury like Hispanic/Latino/Mexican or whomever persons looking down the barrel of a gun shooting the word
"deportation" at them.

How many white American families employ under the table workers? How many migrant workers in many states take care of crops and harvests so that people can have food on their tables? How many jobs are being done by those immigrants because Americans would rather eat dirt than do menial labor for less than minimum wage and substandard treatment.

How many companies in the United States have participated in the trafficking and employment of under the table workers to work around tax laws and benefits for employees? America is locked in a battle that could decide the next Presidential election and the members of Congress and the House of Representatives!! There are ALOT of votes riding on what the government does from NOW until the next Election!!

So Be Wise your Next Move

And how many HONEST - GOOD NATURED - Immigrants now live in the United States who work hard and have great families? Certain KEY STATES (like FLORIDA) and (Texas) and (California) for example will have anarchy on their hands if proper Acceptible legislation is not passed in due time. For I know Miami and her people, and Bush-land will become a battle ground and poor old Jeb Bush is gonna have a serious problem. Let's add all the border states to that list.

What if the quiet people got up out of their easy chairs and started getting angry and marching against the government - what would happen? What if people got angry enough to actually DO something like speak their minds or MARCH instead of being fed SHIT from Washington like trained performing animals in a zoo controlled by the biggest trained animal himself G.W.B. !!!

What if all the homeless and poor people got up and got active!!
There would be hell to pay!!

If you think things are getting bad today
just you wait, they could get alot worse

Let's look at the equation
There are Between
153,000 to 135,000
troops in Iraq

There were over 1,000,000 people
marching in the streets today in the U.S.
just marching on the Immigration Issue Itself
Imagine if more people started to march!!

There could be more tomorrow

You Do the MATH !!

There are alot of
Anti -Bush
Anti - War
Anti - Government
people all over the United States
and around the world
and those numbers grow exponentially DAILY
as the Presidents approval rating dropped to
its lowest numbers as of late

These numbers from

April 10, 2006 — President Bush's job approval rating is at a career low in this latest ABC News/Washington Post poll amid continued broad public skepticism about the Iraq war.
Just 38 percent of Americans now approve of Bush's overall performance in office; it's the lowest mark of his presidency, albeit by a single point. Sixty percent disapprove of how he's handling his job, matching the highest disapproval of his tenure.One of the primary drags on the president's job approval rating has been the public's negative assessment of the war in Iraq, and in this poll 58 percent say the war was not worth fighting — a majority sentiment for the past 16 months.


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