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4/2/2005-4/2/2006 On the First Anniversary

A year has passed and our beloved John Paul II is remembered. I am watching CNN presentations about our late Pontiff, and I can't help but be moved to weeping, as I re-lived that week in time, and how I really felt about the man who was Pope.

It is too easy to talk about the critical aspects of this man and how he felt about humanity and he championed the rights of those who were faithful. I must put aside my critique of the late pontiff and walk with my hagiographic vision once again. There is no doubt that this man shaped the kind of faithful Catholic that I would become, even when things changed. My faith in God is stronger than ever and it is because of John Paul and the prayers of the church that have sustained me for so many many years. It will come to pass in the coming years, the beatification of John Paul II, I hope I live to see that day happen.

To stand in his presence was a gift from God, to have visited the Vatican as a young person impacted my life in great detail, even with side trips off the "right path." For me, faith is that which keeps me alive and keeps me present to the spirit of God. Now on this First Year anniversary we pray for our Pope John Paul II, that he hears our prayers and that he takes all of our prayers to God's altars in heaven, and along with the saints and the Mother of Christ, that he prays for the world for peace, healing, human rights and dignity of "All" men and women and the youth of the world.

"All human beings in every nation and country should be able to enjoy effectively their full rights under any political regime or system. Only the safeguarding of this real completness of rights for every human being without discrimination can insure peace..." John Paul II


The Que Pasa magazine published John Paul II's last hours told by Dziwisz.

Pope John Paul II stayed "strong in spirit and loving until the end", his ex-personal secretary assured, the current archbishop of Cracow, Poland, Stanislaw Dziwisz in an account of the last hours of the Pope.

"A lit blessed candle was put in his hand. At 21:37 John Paul II left this Earth", newspaper Dziwisz concluded, published by the magazine "Christian Family", in its latest issue.

The Que Pasa magazine published John Paul II's last hours told by Dziwisz, a few days from the first death anniversary of Karol Wojtyla next April 2.

The account starts on Easter Sunday, when the Pope "appeared on midday at the window of his private library to give the apostolic blessing", but "due to the concussion and suffering he could not say a word".

"He only made the sign of the Cross with his hand and answered the faithful with a gesture", his ex-personal secretary remembered, who will be named Cardinal by Benedict XVI in next Friday's consistory.

According to Dziwisz, John Paul II was also "deeply shocked" for the impossibility of talking.

"After moving away from the window he said 'maybe it would be better to die if I cannot carry out the mission that was entrusted to me", immediately he added: thy will be done (.) Totus tuus", Dziwisz said.

The last day of his life, Saturday April 2, "his body was weakened by the minute, until total plundering (.) but his spirit was strong and loving until the end", he explained.

Cracow Archbishop confirmed that "knowing that his moment was approaching, in agreement with his doctors, he decided not to be taken to the hospital, but to stay in the Vatican where he had indispensable medical attentions".

On April 2 John Paul II "said good bye to his closest collaborators, meanwhile in his headboard the prayers continued, in which he was participating in spite of the high fever and extreme weakness".

He stated that the same day, at noon, John Paul II whispered: "let me go to the father's house". "The eyes of the Pope were going out, they were on the image of the Virgin of Czestochowa. On the table was the picture if his parents", he added.

During the evening mass "Cardinal Jaworski gave to the Holy Father the Unction of the sick. Later on strength started leaving. A lit blessed candle was put in his hand. At 21:37 John Paul II left this Earth", he concluded. NTX

Former Secretary of John Paul II confirms: Critics help in the beatification process.

Krakow, Dec. 07, 2005 - The Archbishop of Krakow Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz, who during 27 years, former personal secretary of Pope John Paul II, asserted to the Polish news agency PAP, that the recent critics thrown by dissident theologians only reinforces the beatification process of Karol Wojtyla.

Referring to the campaign launched by dissident theologians against the beatification of John Paul II, Archbishop Dziwisz remarked that “this kind of manifestations only hastens the beatifications process.”
“Of the Holy Father-said the prelate-we can only say that he always defended man before false ideologies and their preachers and History vindicated him.”

“I think it’s one more opportunity to acknowledge the sanctity of John Paul II,” he added.

The former secretary of the Polish Pope later explained that there is a widespread opinion that is witnessing the names that appear on this protest against the beatification of John Paul II, “there is no reason to fear for the beatification process, because nobody serious will consider these critics.”

A e-mail address is available to send testimonies of holiness of John Paul II. The Rome Diocese Vicariate, where the case for beatification has been opened, has made available an e-mail address to which witnesses can contribute to the cause.

Due to the significant number of testimonies and the limited staff involved in the beatification cause, they have only considered the serious testimonies, well detailed and supported by documents, preferably in Italian or English the email is


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