Sunday, March 12, 2006

What happened to Buddah boy?

Hmmm, what to think about this situation. There are a few ideas I could ponder.

It was reported that the boy AND some of his followers are missing. So what can we deduce from this fact? The first thought that comes to mind is a hoax theory. A boy appears and begins meditating over MONTHS without food and water, and followers begin to gather but one does not have up close and personal access to him. Now the boy and some of his followers are missing. Did they go missing together, was this a true "calling?" In today's day and age - the coming of the next "deity du jour" has to be met with some speculation, question and critique. What happened to all the medical tests and information that was taken from him over the last little while? Was something found out that was going to be made public and these "people" made off before the truth or hoax was learned by the rest of the world?

Was there government or religious pressure to remove this young man and some of his followers to somewhere much more private, (i.e. monastery, ashram or sacred space?) Was there a reason to remove him from this spot for safety reasons?

Was he removed from the site by force by some who wanted to cause harm or discord to his "mission" or "calling?" One never knows who would bring harm to a young person and his followers. One must look into the speculation and think about the religious implications of this boy assuming some powerful role in religious life of the region. With China in the region, and the incessant problems with extremism on all sides of the arguement, one never knows.

If religious intolerance and religious (domination or more to the point control) are an issue, then we must look at government systems are the culprits shouldn't we? A reincarnated person of the Buddah could stir up some intense religious discussion and maybe conflict, so why he disappeared with some of his followers is of great interest. We will just have to wait and see what the news brings as the days unfold.

If the Buddah was reincarnated, that could unbalance the centers of religious power and it could destabilize governments and religious communities in the region so asking questions is a good thing. But one can only speculate when there is no new information to mesh out and discuss.


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