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They say it's gonna be cold tonight...

Three years have passed and the war still rages on. And what do we know today? I moved to Canada in April of 2002, and the war began in the Spring of 2003. You know I saw things that freaked me out in the beginning. I watched people protest in the streets in numbers I had never seen growing up in the U.S. (Daily) sometimes twice daily. I was afraid to admit being an American. I stood in the middle of the street - to walk down the middle line, because I did not know to which side of the street I belonged. That happened for a long time. But I found my place in Canada as a Canadian and I don't talk about being an American because I don't agree with the government on MANY issues of peace, war, politics and sexuality.

Three years have passed since I began my post-secondary education, and I have the say that the decision to go back to school was the best decision I have ever made, because it not only gave me an opportunity to go back to school, it gave me the opportunity to grow and to think and I found my voice and my path. And over these last three years I have learned about cultures and religions from all over the world, but most importantly, it brought me to the door of the mosque.

I've learned way more about where I came from by becoming critical and learning to have a critical eye where it comes to certain things like TRUTH and HONESTY. A critical eye keeps you aware of the present and makes you look hard at the past to see where you fit in the order of the universe. I have become a really good critical writer.

My view of the war comes from the "vision" of many different people. Men and women, and young people of the Muslim faith. Other writers and reporters and people who work in journalism. You cannot see the war properly unless you know the people who are directly affected. It is important that we remember those who live with war daily and a few of those people are listed over on the bloglist ---> over there.
The United States "war machine" would want you to believe that Saddam was a terrible man, and that was true. Secondly, they want you to believe that Weapons of Mass Destruction were the reason we went to war in the first place. This was a fallacy.

Three years after the beginning of the war, we have still not found them.
The United States wants you to believe that western style democracy is the viable model for government in countries far and way from the original model of the United States, as if we own the market on perfect governing systems. What the United States fails to realize is that The lands of the fertile crescent were there well before the finding and conquering and building of the colonies and the sucessive United States. And to arrogantly walk into another country and entirely different "religious region" and give orders as to how THEY should govern and become like the rest of the world is totally presumptuous.

The U.S. government administration of the Bush Republican party has continuously misrepresented the people of the U.S.
The FACT that Scooter uses the 9-11 tragedy to polarize a nation into HATE, SUBMISSION and FEAR to fuel his war on terror is unconscionable. The use of tragedy to get people's attention and to use that to keep an entire country of Americans on edge is mental and social abuse of the worst kind. Why do I say that, because Americans see the world and her people as terrorists and strangers and people who do not deserve to be known or included in the social context of the world dialogue.

This note is pointed directly at the U.S. views of the Muslim population and it's land and its traditions and religion.
I have Muslim friends here and abroad. I watched how people treated each other here in Montreal. And I've watched American treat Muslims the way they have for the last few years. At least I live in a community that Accepts diversity of lives and of religion. At least I did not see anti-Mulim activity where I lived. And over the last three years I have actively been a part of the lives and writings of those who live in Baghdad. I have talked about them and shared those visisons with you so you get a feeling of what is really going on there from the inside.

The West is very hung up on the "Crusader Christian model" of dividing and conquering. It is ripped from the crusader wars of Europe in early centuries of history. Surely you would never see Scooter on his white horse in all his regalia, sword in hand leading his crusader troops over the hills and dales to conquer the land of Islam or the Moor's. I don't think that Scooter even knows how to ride a horse.
His use and manipulation of his cabinet and the government is a true testament to his stupidity and lack of character and ability. Scooter has intentionally LIED to the American Public as well to the world.

PURPOSEFULLY acted out a "Wag the Dog" scenario in front of the world press. I watch the news daily, from Canada, the UK and from the U.S. Like one "Angry Black Bitch" I love to watch the news too, in order to show you what I am seeing from our perspective. And as of late Canadian's are pushing for Parliamentary debate about our role in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I also listen to Late Night Radio from the U.S. namely the personalities of George Noory and Art Bell from Coast to Coast Am Radio over night, and they have been quite critical of the government. Let's face it the one reason that Scooter went to war was over "Foreign Oil."

Scooter is a big Oil Man who has probably never gotten a drop of black gold on his suit, or his hands dirty from working an oil rig or well, but he knows what it is because of his daddy Scooter Senior. Let's also remember the social, political and economic significance the Saudi Royal Family has in the lives of every American as well the ruling family in office at the moment, namely Scooter and his family. We went to Iraq to protect our interests in the foreign oil venture capitol the U.S. needs to survive daily. The U.S. depends on so much foreign oil that is the pipeline or production was interrupted, why Scooter might have to go to work and do something about national energy concerns.

That's why there is a war in Iraq.

And NOW, nuclear proliferation issues are on the table, and I am sure that the U.S. Government administration has posted their list of "most hated" countries on the wall of the war room in the White House for consideration of "Incursion." Who are the Americans pointing their guns at now? And would it be wise for America to go to war in another "Arena?"

War is an American tradition for it breeds good young men and now women into model citizens for a safe and sacred land of milk and honey. Generations of men and boys have gone to fight wars in other countries for bragging rights that they "defended the home front" against enemies foreign and domestic that threaten the good, safe and patriotic land of the "Free" and the home of the "Brave."

War polarizes a nation into action on the common goal of perpetuating the need for wars and political conflict 24/7 around the clock 365 days a week. What would the United States do with themselves, really, come on ask the question, What would the American public do if there were no wars to fight, no troops to rally round, no president to support in times of conflict? What the Fuck would you do without the thought of war to preoccupy your minds and lives? I mean if there were no wars to fight I think that America might go insane trying to figure out how they would fill that time and effort.

Maybe you could travel to foreign countries and build water treatment plants and build houses and stop poverty, hunger and famine and disease! Maybe you could start rebuilding the lives of the many that you destroyed by past wars and incursions. Maybe governments could work together to replace fossil fuels with new ways to obtain energy like solar and wind power and other forms of green energy production. Maybe we could have at least one generation of time where WAR was not a preoccupation and numbers of dying civilians were not so high or even existent. Maybe we could bring third world countries and nations up to speed and bring them into the First World order of living. There is so much to do in the world besides FIGHT, KILL and DESTROY...

Maybe we could bring an end to wars around the world all together. Wouldn't that be great, if the people of the U.S. Rose up in ANARCHISTIC terms and planned a full odd assault against the present administration ousting Scooter in a flurry of IMPEACHMENT articles and we Americans decided that we should do away with the entire cabinet and administration in order that we might replace them with PERSONS who proposed world peace and real solutions to problems that plague the world like Hunger, Poverty, Homelessness, Disease, Lack of Power and Water facilities...

It is time to RISE UP and voice your anger at Unjust Wars and the killing of Innocents just to save oil production and Scooter's 'family's' interest in the Middle East and our constant reliance upon foreign oil to FEED the NEED for gas, oil and cars, trucks and SUV's. It is time for America to FIND their voices and Start a revolution to end this insanity of a war based on lies that wages on three years after Scooter called an end to the combat portion of the war on the deck of that aircraft carrier with a banner flying stating "Mission Accomplished."

The mission was NOT accomplished if helicopters and 1500 soldiers are now acting out another combat mission in Iraq. Combat still goes on today, and the president lied to the American people and the world, and far be it from you to criticize the government, but you are supporting a fool in the White House who says he speaks for all of you on issues of war and terrorism! Is that true?

Does Scooter speak for all of you?


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I don't understand why people feel as if they are associated to there government and that there government actually represents the people. I've lived in the US my whole life yet I've never claimed to be an American. My ancestors are "Italian and German" and yet I've never claimed to be that either of those. People get so caught up in what the world has deemedto be standard and then these people take sides because of it. When you were born were you an American, No, you had no idea what you were until the sustem told you. When you die will you be an american, Canadian, Muslim, No is the answer. Once people become political they are equally guilty for all that goes wrong in the world. Let's all wake up and realize you stand against a system that has been here hundreds of years before you. Need I say more? Thanks, god speed, and most of all, have a good day, Mike..

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