Friday, March 31, 2006

Parallel Universes

Jerome packed his meager bags and assorted keepsakes and headed off to the campus where he was enrolled for studies. He was to share his basement suite with another stident whom he did not know, but the suite was broken up into two spaces. His surrounded by old clothes racks and some old furniture that looked ecclectic and right up his alley. The two suites were connected by a common laundry area in a hallway that led to the outside of the house up a common staircase.

Jerome got settled over the first few days, finding his way around campus, meeting his new share mate in the house, although he never went up into the main house, Jerome kept to his own. One afternoon Jerome went to do laundry and he started the machines and thought that he would venture upstairs. walking through the hallway and up the stairs he did not end up in a house, but in a completely different place all together. Jerome exited the staircase in the corner of the patio of a great house. (There was more to the patio than he had ever imagined) There was a couple who owned the home with their two children, a maternal grandparent a dog and strangely an ape.

Once again, Jerome found commonality with these people as if he had known them for a long time. Jerome found many things that were normal here in this place were not so normal on the earthbound plane. There were numerous aquariums set around the patio with many different species of fish, fauna and animals. It was as if these tanks held a multitude of species for future reproduction and spreading of species to new places. This seemed different to Jerome as the family let him explore the compound. Jerome learned that the dog was a "familiar" and the ape that lived on the periphery of the house between the forest and the house was an "intuit." This was highly irregular, Jerome had never seen this kind of living situation in all of his travels.

Jerome traveled between these two "locations" on several occasions. He found that there was commonality between his two parallel universes. When he returned home at night after his travels he felt rested and calm. He was learning things from his new friends that he had never known. He later realized that his new friends were "bio-formers." And Jerome had found a universal portal to this "bio-forming" platform. He had known that earth was in trouble and that expanding bio-life was an immanent need. And his new friends had formed this bio-portal link between earth and other locations in the galaxy.

This was amazing to Jerome, he had never heard of a bio-portal before. When he walked around the bio-home he noticed that things were moving beneath his feet, as if a great ocean expanse existed beneath them. So it was. This bio-portal sat on a great sea on another planet in an entirely far flung planetary system. One that had yet to be located by human interplanetary exploration, which was in its infancy. Jerome was preordained to find this portal at some point in his existence and that's what he was told by his new friends.

The bio-portal was a mechanism for transporting life to other realms of the universe at large. This was all fascinating to Jerome. He had met others from many different realms of existence but this was fantastical. the bio-loife that was being cultivated in the tanks around the moon pool were being transplanted on earth-like planets with ocean that could support life it was said that the bio-formers were populating new worlds that would later be discovered by the very same interplanetary exploration. It was as if someone was seeding planets for future colonization to meet the needs of explorers.

Jerome traveled through his portal back home on many occasions sharing this info with his mentors back on earth, funny it seemed the family that owned the home he was living in was uniquely familiar to his bio-forming friends on the other side of the portal, he found this peculiar that he would find a himself living in a basement suite with these people. Yet, Jerome was gifted with his ability to cross thresholds of different places of existence. This was an entirely new trip for him and he spent the better part of his first academic year traversing this stream of universal existence.

At one point he decided that his earthly family should see this new "universe" but each time he attempted to bring the two sides together, they could never met "in-between." Jerome continued to keep the portal open by visiting it as often as he could. But then came news that the house was to be somd and Jerome would have to find new lodging for himself and his "room mate" friend in the adjacent apartment. He visited the Bio-portal once more and implored his new friends to take him with them - alas, it was not his time to travel "inter-universally" he still had work to do in his own dimension, but he was guaranteed that he would always have access to the portal, and they taught him how and where to find it.

With that Jerome was sent back one last time, as he crossed the portal and descended the stairs into the wash room area of his suite the staircase above him morphed away and became solid, the bio-portal had disappeared, and the staircase that led upstairs was just that a staircase to the first floor of a normal house that he was living in. Greatful for the experience of universal travel, Jerome packed up his clothes and keepsakes and left that location in search of his next residence.


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