Friday, March 17, 2006

Of "Dead Poets"

There is a stone building on the grounds of a lush green campus an "old school" with great character and academic privelege. There are many students in the school of whom I am one. There is a comraderie that is familiar to me and suggests I have been attending school here for a number of years. I think, by location and by study, this place held something special for me, because at one point I am sitting in a social hall with my friends and a number of clergy and professors and we are celebrating the end of our tenure at this school. We are celebrating success of our years here as someone mentions that I was an integral part of the social network of this particular group of students. We are all boys, men, there are no women present. This suggests that it might be seminary that this vision has taken place, at least, that's what it feels like to me.

Last night before bed I spent some time meditating and I did not get the general "feeling" I usually do, this time I hunkered down and tried a little more focus on my center and I went in search of something deeper, I turned the radio off and went to bed and don't remember anything after that.

Today was my day off so I made full use of being home alone all day and so I slept a regeneration cycle for the day, which ended in the vision that came so vividly in technicolor. It kinda reminded me of scenes and emotions like those in "Dead Poets Society." The closed study group and the closeness of personal relationships with clergy and professors. Seminary has been on my mids as of late, and more than usual. It feels like the same "feeling" I got when I entered seminary as a young man. It is peculiar because on Wednesday Donald asked me about going into seminary - we both know this is a mute point - just the same I said that if I could marry the two sides of my life - my marriage and my education - I would gladly apply to a seminary. I don't know where this is all headed, but one should never deny or ignore visions of a religious nature.

I know that I am headed into my last year of school - then I begin my honors studies and such and so on. I am hopeful that I have "made the grade" this semester in order to qualify my 3.0 GPA set in print. If I do get there I get an automatic berth on the religion Honors study program.

I had a diploma in my hand at the end of the vision and my friends were all talking about how we came together and built community and supported each other, each in our own way. I know what it feels like to live in a tight knit closed community of study, all the feelings from the vision were of the same "essence" when I was in seminary. (be careful what you ask from the universe, because if the Universe thinks you are ready, it will come to pass.) You never know what the future holds, but I have always kept the door open to ministry in any form, hint hint, to all of my Canadian Religious men who read this.


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