Friday, March 31, 2006

Ode to the silence...

Last night I stripped the plastic off the living room windows and opened the apartment to the breezes of spring. The night was calm and the silence in which we have lived for the last six months had departed like the snows. I did not unseal the bedroom as of yet, because I wanted to preserve that silence for as long as I could. It would be many months before silence would come again.

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, goes the reverse indicator on the truck downstairs.

We live next door to a hotel which by day hustles and bustles with activity and deliveries. This afternoon I woke from my slumber to the insistant beep of some truck downstairs, as I rolled my eyes and begged for that truck to momentarily "explode" because of the obnoxious sound of attention! The reverse beeping of trucks will be symphonic by summers eve. I hate it - I totally hate it. Sadly, we do not have central air or heat, so closing the windows now would be self defeating. It is about time to air out the last six months of our lives which have been locked behind layers of plastic and heaters. Now let us remember and respectfully speak about


Silence, she is warm and inviting, she is womblike and soft. She brings with her soft breezes and the quiet that accompanies the first falling snow. There is wisdom on learns about when one welcomes the silence into ones life. I find that if one deos not find their place within the silence one is truly lost to the elements and noise of the world around them.

This yearly "Ode" that is written to bless the silence and thank it for months of kindness and warmth, and bid it farewell for now until we meet again. This does not mean that one will not be able to seek the silence amid the business of the day or the noisiness of night. One must understand what worth lies amid the silence and how that silence can become ones mentor instead of ones enemy.

She teaches me that it is within the silence that one finds the breath. And when one finds the breath, one finds the heartbeat. For if you do not take time to honor the beating heart, then you have no life to be greatful for. Hence the need to always seek and respect the silence. In the business of the day we forget that silence is important to the management of ones life.

So we bid the silence adieu for now until we meet again in months to come. For now we must find a place within that we can reunite with the silence that has left us, and we can remember her warmth and care over the last six months of winter.

Farewell mother of the womb, until that day you greet us again...


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