Sunday, March 26, 2006

Note to self...

Never start re-editing a term paper at 2 a.m. on a Saturday night, listening to Art Bell talking about aliens and crop circles and the fact that there is more to the universe than we can see...

Ugh, good graciousness...

After spending the day writing the final draft of the paper, and reading and re-reading it over and over to make sure that it made sense, and that THIS paper evolved from the last paper I wrote for Donald, was too overwhelming. By 4:30 in the morning, eating a fantastic mexicana burrito with a side car of salad and root beer extravagance, I ripped my paper to shreds, well electronically.

I decided that there was no substance that I needed a central point that was lost in the verbage, and so I went to bed around 4:45 a.m. this morning, with a book in hand and I read some more to find a way to make my point.

This afternoon when I finally rose from my HIV medicated stupor, I sat down at the computer with a NEW word document and I cut and pasted pieces of my paper into a new 13 page maginficent work of art. It took me all day to re-write. Does academia interest you?

Don't you all love living academia vicariously through me???

I have read, re-read, spell checked, cited all my sources and quotes, YES I do know how to cite sources on papers, thank you very much (you attention whore) ooops, I must have belched! so that's that.

Sunday night, everything is in repeats again this weekend DAMMIT, no fresh Gray's Anatomy tonight! And Art Bell is out of town for two weeks which means we are listening to old shows taped from other time periods. And wouldn't you know it, here in Montreal, local radio that pipes in satellite feeeds from the states can decide whether or not they will air that feed OR give us dead air OR this is new, One Radio Station that pirates the signal of another local radio station that they use on their air... We used to listen to a particular radion station prior to the death of the overnight host some months ago. The new host of THAT radio show does these "tell me what you crave foodwise" kind of shows, it is insane, stupid and repetitive. So we started listening to the NEW 940 Montreal overnight because of Art Bell and George Noory. But we find that on certain weather related issue nights, we don't get the feed. Then some nights we get dead air, the other night we got the pirate radio feed from another station that is just insane to listen to when you are trying to relax in bed.


Anyways, I'm a gonna scoot for the evening.


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