Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A last little note

So I got home from the meeting and sat down here to check my mail and write to David, because that was the first thing on my "get home" agenda. I got changed out of my gear and sat down and began to type - an hour later I finished the letter and as I hit the publish button, the phone rang, and low and behold David from Vancouver was on the line. Does God have good timing or what?

So we had a really great conversation and I really love David. He is a really great man - and I can say that because he gives me strength. And you know I really respect him like I would anyone - but David in some ways is one of the few men I see in "fatherly" terms. I take care of him, and in turn he takes care of me, by constantly reminding me how important my life is to him and that is the greatest praise a man like me can get.

Courage - Strength - Unity and Love !!

Live, Live, Live life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving!!


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