Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It gets darkest before the light... Shadow People

I had this post floating in my head since last night, and it gets freaky. So if you like mystery and mystical - freaking - unexplainable goings on - then you're gonna love this. If you are brave enough and think you might have seen the following near you, in front of you or around the neighborhood then click the HYPERLINK HERE and see what you can see...

Last night on Coast to Coast AM Radio researcher Heidi Hollis talked about Shadow people, and what they are and why they are here, so read on, at your own peril... I wanted to really listen to this show and I stayed up all night listening to the show. The reason it was so interesting is because I have seen these shadow people along the way of my life for a long time.

After my grandmother (paternal side) died when I was younger - after her funeral a shadow person appeared in my bedroom, and they stand at the foot of my bed, the person has a robe and is hooded, and there are no facial features to them. This shadow person has followed me all over the place, from house to house to house, and they even travel between countries. This shadow person is benevolent and has a female energy. Now you might want to know how I know this, because I can just tell. Now you might think its grammy coming to check on me, and we know that I've talked about grammy coming to visit me when I was diagnosed. I know she visits, she still visits, because she leaves her "scent" in my bedroom when she is here, I know how that triggers my memory.

This shadow person comes at night, and early morning. They don't interfere nor do they communicate, but I am not afraid of this "shadow person" either. We have a mutual understanding I think. I and Get the feeling that they (her) or (it) comes to watch over me. I never see orbs or any identifying light associated with her. But she brings me peace and light, at least that is what I perceive from her or (it).

The second "shadow person" I know exists in my life (this has to do with HIV) is the tall man, he stands over 7 feet tall. Here in Montreal was the first place I have seen or heard him in my room, that I cannot explain why or how. He comes when I am low, and not feeling well. The last time I saw, well, more to the point heard him was a couple of months ago, when I was really sick, and he recited Kaddish over my bed. I know this because I saw him standing tall over my bed and this took place over five consecutive days and nights. He is benevolent as well, and it seems to me, he does not come to harm or scare me and I do not fear him. He is a paternal energy.

Last night I was laying in bed, and I turned the light off and listened to the radio in the dark, I usually keep a light on - they say a light wards off the evil shadows. Nobody came to visit - that I could tell, yet I know in the morning if they have come around because I feel residual energies from them - like a calling card. Don't ask me how I know this, I just know this.

The last "shadow" is the worst of the three. He comes when I "Nap" specifically. He comes when I am home alone. He stands against the wall and I feel him enter the room and he usually stands in the same spot to the right of the bed, oriented ( I sleep on the far side LEFT side of the bed, near the patio door) not the right side of the bed where Peter sleeps.

So anyways, this is the "shadow" that sets me into fear mode. I feel paralyzed, as if I cannot move or speak or breathe. And this has happened on numerous occasions over the past years. I have been able to stave him off (now) and he has not returned in a couple of months. I don't see or feel him when Peter sleeps in the same room, or when we are both present in the apartment. He scares me to death, I know it's a (male) because of the negative male energy he puts out. Strange - very strange.

The link will direct you to the Shadow page that Heidi has up on the net. If you've ever seen strange shadows moving about you, or around your car or your house or neighborhood, this may be your answer. Yes, I am strange, but you like me strange in "that" kind of way !!!

You never know what I am going to write about on any given day !!

he he he he

Have you seen a shadow around or near you? Or have I just freaked you out so now you will sleep with a nite light on in your bedroom!! I am all into this "different" realms of existence.

Until next time...
Sleep tight...

"Most Haunted-Yvette"


Blogger Diva in Training said...

Man you are always at your best when I drop in. As always I hope all is well. Here are some of my little thoughts on Shadow people.

Yes I do believe that they exist but I am not sure if they follow continuously. Case in point, my childhood home was riddled with shadow people. They mainly were in the closets of my house. This house was built in the early 1900's and the closet in my bedroom also connected to the living room closet. There were two other major closets in the basement. One was called the light closet because it had a window and the dark closet because hard no window. All three had one thing in common, no matter what time the year it was, the closets stayed cool or freezing cold.

Anyway when I was in my bedroom upstairs I would see these figures standing at the closet doors at night. They really didn't have one shape, like a ghost but just a mass of darkness...

When I was younger my mother just shrugged it off as me being scared of the dark and for a while I did too. As I got a little older I moved to the basement room and I started to see similar type figures coming from the light and dark closets but more times from the dark closet. The sightings never really stopped till I left for college but when I returned they were still there but faint...

Call me crazy but they might be ghosts, might be a shadow but never the less I always knew something more than my imaginations was in that house.

10:54 PM  
Blogger Nurse Mia said...

Interesting post. My mother sees ghosts and gets messages from the after-life in her sleep. Though I can't say I've experienced the same.

During my wild youth, I would frequently sense an extra person in the room, but usually this was drug induced. ;-)

1:01 AM  

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