Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How do you reconcile cards with XT?

So I am a LGBTQ man who follows a XT path - reads XT, Eastern Religious and Middle Eastern religious texts and I practice a little witchy-poo and I read the tarot. XT tells me that predicting the future goes against God. I happen to think that my cards are part of my existence because I learned to read the cards shortly after I was diagnosed in 1994, from the man who was MY reader/teacher. He was also the man who came to my house after things started to move around and pictures would be moved on the wall and I lived alone.

He was the man who told me who was there and why she was moving the magazines and pictures. So that was a gift. Having the gift of reading just comes to you if you are open to the energies. I used to go see Miguel weekly and soon after that he told me that I had a gift and that I should entertain it, so I did. I've had that deck of cards for years and years. My urge to use them waned for a while, but they sit in a certain place in my home in a cedar box that I got as a gift back in the 80's from a friend of mine.

When I lived in Miami, years ago, there was a shop on Lincoln Road which was a new age shop. Each time I would go there, the resident "teacher" was there and she always had something to offer me in wisdom, not to mention my best friend at the time was a witchy-poo. And They taught me "the craft." Over sucessive years I would visit the shop and collect other decks of cards, which I still use occasionally to mix things up. I also have "scried" crystals which I have carried in my backpack for years and years - along with the amethyst-quartz crystal I wear around my neck - crystals have "healing powers" attributed to them. You see, I believe that there is power in nature and in "the craft." All this positive energy flowing in and towards my body has only augmented my "Life energy" and kept me breathing instead of collecting dust in some box. When a spiritually centered person ignites the fire, and sees potential, when you are looking at death, you will grasp on to anything to keep one step ahead of the "end game."

I think that if you have a gift that you entertain it, for Good purposes only. I never use any of my gifts for negative ends, that gets you 10 fold return of negative energy. If i went over two years from touching my cards to shuffle the deck and pull ten cards which turned out to be the ones listed below, something was moving me. So yes, I practice many paths to enlightenment, and I don't feel one ounce of remorse or angst about my XT because I do throw cards every once in a while. I don't rely on them for forecasting like I used to.

Cards have energy and when they choose you - when you walk into a shop - yes, cards choose the reader - don't ask me to explain that one, ok, explanation. When you hold a box of cards in your hands you with either feel nothing, or you will feel "energy" a sort of "calling" from them. You will know what I mean if you've ever explored a new age shop. So Ima little witchy-poo, and I like it that way.

"There are many paths - there is not One religion - All paths are good and useful - Truth is One and can be used in many ways."

Rukmani, Reli-409, 2006


Anonymous Deborah said...

I remember, when I found out my tarot cards deck. It was a long time ago. I was looking through my mother's things, and I saw a nice black box. Curious as a child of 10 years old could be, I opened find the most marvelous tarot deck cards ever. I remembered saying to myself: I want those cards to do the tarot later! And I did. I finally bought my deck 2-3 years ago. I just can't shake off the feelings I have when I handle them in my hands for a reading. I just love them. I love how the cards can display a set of emotions, or surrounding energies affecting our life. I'm still amazed by this art, and I think I will never be able to fully learn or understand it. But I so love it.

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