Tuesday, March 07, 2006

How can I love Him, who is unseeable?

There are days in my life that I want to scream and shout because of the insanity and pain that some days bring me, in the words of friends having issues, in my boys telling me that they have fears and doubts, when my best friend tells me that he feels sick... Then I remember that God is good and that the "power within me is greater than the fear before me."

Why my friends come to me for answers I have no idea, it's not like I am some wise sage and such, I have only my experience and strength to offer them, on a daily basis. None of my family walks alone, be that friend, fellow or my husband. I know that God does not ask anything of me that I cannot handle nor does he give me anything that I cannot bear in my simplicity.

What happens as we wander through the desert we call the 40 days of lent? We are called to follow blindly through faith given to us by God who loves us and counts every hair on our heads. He knows every step and he counts every tear, and he knows that we are human and that sometimes life can be hard but the good thing is that God is Love and grace comes to us through faith in Him who created us. Jesus, the healer, the miracle worker, the son of God, Yaweh, Yeshua, walks with us - if we invite him to walk with us, but you know he walks there anyway. He walks there even if we don't speak his name, because he knows our hearts and minds and our souls. Even before we speak the words he hears the words spoken in our hearts. Before the words leave our lips the prayer has already gone up to God in the thought that came first.

If I can't love those in front of me, then how can I love Him, who is unseeable? I guess that we have to love seventy times seven, we are to love those in front of us, because everyone is deserved of Love. Sometimes we must love people to their ends, and sometimes loosing someone to age or illness is the process of life, and we must respect the natural progression of life and accept that things change, people change, we get old, some become infirm, and then we die. But in God's perfect vision, we are here but for an instant in God's time. When it seems the end is near for one of God's chosen one, we must be there for them until the moment that God takes them by the hand and brings them into their heavenly inheritance. Saying goodbye to fellows we have come to know and love is difficult, but just imagine the joy that comes in the vision of heaven. We might loose the corporeal, but we gain in the spiritual.

"And it may seem simple and stupid, but I like to think that there is someone up there who is on my side!"

Being a pastor - a minister - a person of faith sometimes calls us to deal with things that are painful, but nothing is impossible with God who gives us strength. Every man and woman, boy and girl take on the yoke that God has provided for us. And as adults we were called to be who we are today by the God who gave us life. The yoke might be heavy, but the burden is Light.

We were never promised a rose garden. And God never said that this would be easy, but if we trusted Him and had the faith the size of a mustard seed, that anything would be possible. This is the penitential season of Lent. It is a time of reflection and personal introspection. It is a time for us to draw back from the world to find a place and space for God to be with us. March for me has always been a hard month, for in decades past, March was the month when God cleaned house with my family members. March is the month we buried most of our elderly family as successive years passed by. And so it has been with me for the last few years, March begins and I want to run and hide, I don't go to the doctor in the month of March, and I hold my breath, and I pray and I wait for the phone to ring, with some kind of news.

We wait for God to show us wisdom and give us faith, but in the same vein, we must strive to attain wisdom and faith, by walking this journey, never alone, but with the other pilgrims on the road with us, as God gives us light from on High. He feeds us finest bread and quenches our thirst with living waters and he restores us when we are tired from the days journey.

We must each day spend time in prayer, to reflect on our days work and those we shared time with and we spend time with God telling him about our day and we thank him for all good things, even the bad things, the painful things, the lessons learned and the fears conquered, and what we fear about the unknown. It is in the "speaking" of these things to God that we bring them to light in God's presence, for words and thoughts unspoken go unheard, it is in the "act" of sharing that we are restored. That dialogue with God each day is important on this journey we call life.

Fellow journeymen and women, we walk with intent, knowing that we were meant to walk this road together, and we claim intent and we speak our intent that we love God with our of our hearts, and souls and spirits, and we speak his name when we enter the house of God and we say, Glory to God on High, may his name be praised and may his message fall from my lips and may his praises be ever in our hearts. For where ever we go - there we are and there He is.

Angels walk the road with us and they guide us, and remember help the pilgrim you see on the road because you never know when the Master will appear and wouldn't you want to hear him say,"Well done, good and fiathful servant."

It is not the destination that matters, it is the time we have together on this journey we call life.

Have you made your gratitude list today?
and what have you forgotten to write down?

Step 10 - 11 - and 12 remind me, repair me, and keep me vigilant to my words and actions.

Constant Vigilance !!!


Blogger Mind the Bear said...

Dear one,

I think Rilke said "Don't worry so much about the answers, learn to love the questions."

That poems "Footprints" is a bit trite or something, but has some profound truths in it. Sometimes when we least feel God's presence is when Gd is most present with us.

Watch those heavy "yolks", too much cholesterol. The yokes might fit better.

Cheers, Joe.

11:00 PM  

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