Thursday, March 16, 2006

Holy Mother of God

Guess what day it is today? Thursday, double class load day with my Religion and Sex class with Donald and Methods Of Religion 409. We went to school early this morning to have coffee with one of the girls in our R&S class, named Tracy. She is such a wonderful lady, and man, she is SMART! My God she has some knowledge of religions and traditions. I so want to go out with her to pick her brain sometime. I will have to ask her next week. Maybe we can find time to share a meal together outside of the class schedule. Tracy, Peter and I had a nice time. Making new friends is always a great opportunity for both of us.

Later on in the day I went to my methods class , I had written my Prof a nice little thank you letter after class the other day and he responded with thanks, which was cool. I was a bit apprehensive about class today because we were getting our mid-terms back and I was sure I did terribly, but I had held out hope that I had nailed the project. We had a little discussion about the lecture the other day and after that he asked us: "What are the qualities that make a good religion student?" We all rattled off an assortment of fill in the blank answers, I had some idea he was going somewhere with this discussion. My observation is that he was preparing us for our exams to come back, he shared his thoughts on the classes efforts as a whole, and then he and the T.A. started returning our papers. I was holding my breath.

So I turned the cover page and looked, no marks, I turned a few more pages, no marks, there were only two little questions in the margin of the pages and at the end of the paper on the last page this was written:


I think this is a great discussion (the paper)
I especially appreciate the way you've made the
matter meaningful in a personal way.
All the key elements are here - you might tie
hope and conversation together more closely
in a social or global manner in order to make
your discussion all the more compelling.
Good Work !!


And that was it...
I turned white as a ghost
and almost fainted

I sat across the other side of the room with some friends I know so that if we had group discussion today that I would have someone interested in class to converse with. Paul turned around and saw I was flustered, he asked what I got and I told him, he and Jacob sat there and we chatted a bit. So there you have it, I passed the Mid-term with flying colors, and a good grade at that, having pulled that essay "out of my ass" in one sitting, after re-reading the entire textbook the week of "spring break." HA - HA - HA, I DID IT !!

Bring on that Final Project BABY !!!
I am ready to kick some serious ass...


So this afternoon I rested from my traumatic day and ealier I went food shopping. YUMMY, and I consulted the Martha Stewart Recipie Data Base for some dinner advice, and so I have a chicken baking in the oven, and Peter just got home. What else? um, that's about it. Maybe I will be inspired to write something later tonight.



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