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Fern Gulley

Fern Gulley is a jungle habitat that is home to myriads of plant life, flowers and trees like that you would find in any great forest with canopies that hung far above the gulley floor. Jerome lived with the people of fern gulley in caves that were located in the trunks of the largest trees and even dug into large mounds of dirt piled up from the rains and falling debris from the canopy roof. There was a tribe of natives that he was part of - they were his family and he had spent the better part of his life communing with the land and the "people of the land." Each day on water gathering trips the groups would come upon great waterfalls like no one had ever seen.

Almost like a land of make believe, Jerome would find himself climbing the falls and sitting on top of humungous toadstools and mushrooms, and he would fly about the canopy with the large horseflies that would carry him on their backs to explore far flung reaches of the forests boundaries. Jerome loved this life - there were no attachments to worldly things that most humans are wrapped up in. Nothing but the hum of the gulley and the sound of falling water and the swaying of the greenery high up above the tribal living grounds.

The jungle fed the people of the land, there was no wars or deforestation, for Fern Gulley was so far hidden within the great forest that no human had ever penetrated the sacred land. The tall forest canopy must have been thousands of years old. The gulley animals had never been seen by foreign eyes, nor had any of them fell prey to poachers or human contact. This jungle was pristine in nature and as wonderful as anyone could imagine.

Unlike the native dwellers, Jerome was well traveled. Off to one area of Fern Gulley was a portal that Jerome used to travel to distant lands - it was also a dream portal for that is where Jerome would exit the jungle to visit the lands of many places in his mind. On one occasion Jerome slept the sleep of the deepest kind, and it was in this state that Jerome, accompanied by his friends walked to the portal and as he crossed the threshhold, Jerome began to grow physically in size. As he walked down the dirt road he walked by large pumpkins and greens. Soon as he kept walking - the size ration between he and the pumkin patch changed. At the end of the dirt road Jerome was the same size as any human being on the earth.

The portal led Jerome to the one place he loved to visit the most on earth. The homestead farm of his spiritual family. Joseph, Marta and their daughter Grace. Jerome loved this family, because of what they meant to him. It was Joseph who led Jerome to the portal road, which was hidden deep within the gardens of the family's farm. And not anyone was able to find nor walk the dirt path - Jerome was special. He could navigate the "universes" very easily because of his spiritual nature.

Grace was standing in the stable, brushing her mare when she looked up from her work after hearning footsteps that startled the mare a bit. She realized who it was walking up the path, Grace dropped her brush and ran with open arms to greet Jerome in a great flurry of joy. They spun together for a few moments in an embrace that could only be described as sacred. A long time had passed since Jerome had last left Fern Gully to visit them, and Grace was too excited to think for a moment as she dragged Jerome over to the farm house to see her parents. Joseph was standing on the front porch as the two made their way from the stable to the house, a smile began to creep across Joseph's face as Jerome looked into his eyes and they had at once reconnected. Joseph and Jerome had an unspoken understanding of time and place. Joseph knew of the ability to traverse the universal divide, and it was Joseph who had first taken Jerome into Fern Gulley.

Joseph and Jerome hugged warmly and stood on the porch looking out over the farm, since Jerome's last visit the farm more than doubled in size and the fields were full of produce, there were cows in the pasture and horses in the stable. It was simple life for them. In most cases the family was incredibly self sufficient and never went into town but to get few supplies and feed.

This solitary life appealed to Jerome, after spending much of his life living in the concrete canyon he sought to simplify his life by getting out of the hectic life and move into a more communal life with the land and the people who fed him spiritually. "alot has changed here Joseph?" Jerome remarked - "the land provides and we are servants of the land, the harvest was vrey good this year," replied Joseph.

Inside the house Marta was busy in the kitchen. She turned from her work on the jamming she was doing as the three of them entered the room, Marta smiled her biggest smile, for Jerome was one of her children. There were few people like Joseph's family and Jerome was blessed to know them. They provided him with the base of love and acceptance that Jerome needed to persue his life as he chose. Marta quickly cleared off the table and all four of them sat down over cups of tea to talk about what had been going on in Fern Gulley with Jerome and why he had decided to come back to the farm. Jerome had visited the farm at regular intervals, except this present visit came alot later than usual, which made Marta think about why he was here now.

No words were spoken to this question, Marta was able to intuit why Jerome was here, and she knew what it was that he needed from them. Jerome stayed at the farm for many days, it seemed that Jerome needed the companionship and community of his family. Jerome spent the better part of those days talking to Marta and Joseph about his life and how he had come to terms with a great many things in the jungle and it was as if Jerome needed to voice these things to them to clear them off his mental checklist. Grace was busy with her horses for most of the time, she was getting ready for a competition, so they rarely saw each other during the day.

On one specific day of the visit, Marta told Jerome that they were going into the canyon for supplies and to go shopping, something that Marta never did when Jerome was visiting, but he agreed to go with them, as they piled into the range rover, and started the drive into the canyon. It was a well driven distance before they canyon began to appear on the horizon. As they entered the canyon, Jerom marveled at the beauty of the towers that extended as far as the eye could see on both sides of the canyon road, towers of great glass and marble reached into the clouds. Great light billboards advertised from above the streets and cars. This was as far from Fern Gulley as Jerome would be.

Marta parked in a canyon lot below the ground and Grace and Jerome found their way to their favorite bookseller as Marta went to do her shopping, Joseph accompanied here to carry whatever it was they needed back to the rover. A relationship had been cultivated between Grace and Jerome and for a time, Jerome and Grace talked about Fern Gulley and the hopes that Grace would one day find her way back there with him, if only to see the beauty of the forest. Jerome and Grace would never marry, they were two different people from two very different places and times. But the time they spent together was sacred in any case.

The family returned to the farm and Jerome was quite amazed at the changes that had come to the canyon, as well, he was ready to get out of the canyon and return to the simplicity of the gulley. Marta knew that Jerome was ready to leave them once again, and Marta brought Jerome into the study and she spoke her truth to him, in no uncertain terms. There were no secrets between them, she kissed him on the forhead and told his to come back and visit soon. Joseph was waiting on the porch for Jerome to exit the house where they said their goodbyes, shaking hands and once again hugging each other.

Grace took Jerome's hand in hers and they began to walk across the farm into the pumpkin patch, "you're sure you don't want to come with me?" Jerome asked her, "not right now, Jerome, I can't leave the farm right now, but I promise you that I will come visit you very soon." she walked him as far as she could, until the portal opened up as it beckoned Jerome beyond. They hugged one last time and unclasped their hands, as Jerome turned to walk on. AS he did, he began to change and the bridge between the two universes became visible to him, he crossed the bridge into the gulley as the portal closed behind him, the smell of the gulley had enveloped his senses and his eyes re-adjusted to the gulley lighting from the canopy above.

Funny they knew that Jerome would be returning this day so a great welcome feast was being prepared for Jerome by his native family. Jerome walked through the gulley and washed in the great falls before returning to the camp where his home was built in a tree trunk. Jerome was happy to be home, but he was also happy that he got to visit with Joseph, Marta and Grace. The tribe celebrated with great song and dance that night as Jerome feasted upon great food from the gulley farms cooked by the tribal mothers.

The End...


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I envision Aslan by the sea.

For Mr. Beaver had warned them, "He'll be coming and going." he had said. "One day you'll see him and another you won't. He doesn't like being tied down--and of course he has other countries to attend to." --C.S. Lewis
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

I like your post.


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