Sunday, February 26, 2006

We Invite YOU to Vancouver in 2010

And so the flag has been passed to
Vancouver, British Columbia
and we the Host Nation of Canada
invite all the youth of the world to gather
for the

21st Winter Olympics

February 12 to 28th 2010 in

Vancouver -
British Columbia
(Vancouver 2010 Site Here)

Go home to your countries and gather the best atheletes among you and come to our home and compete with us the Nation of many peoples and traditions. Vancouver 2010 will be a crowning event for Canada to exhibit our country to you - the world at large. We are excited about the coming games to Canada. We hope ( in our house) to be sitting in the stands at the Opening Ceremonies and we hope to attend the many events to cheer on Team Canada, as well the other teams from around the world. So prepare to be amazed, enlightened, and transformed by the wonders that we are preparing to entrust to you. I hope to meet some of you in Vancouver - so come and join us.

Come and meet the First Nations of Canada
a very rich and wonderful peoples of our country
They have so much to offer the world in
ways of thought, tradition and history


The games were amazing and wonderful
Canada achieved 24 medals in Torino
and Cindy Klassen is our most decorated
Olympian at the Torino Games
Congratulations to all of our atheletes
on Team Canada for a job
Well Done


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