Sunday, February 05, 2006

Violence begets Violence

If I were to post a picture of Jesus carrying a bomb, killing babies or shooting someone, or in war fatigues I would be branded a heretic. If I said Christ was a baby killer and a religious fanatic and that he detested those who were different I'd be hung by my gonads and excommunicated by the church. That I am a gay married man warrants my excommunication anyways.

If I were to post a picture of Yeshua or God in the context of Jewish belief, the Jews would have my head on a platter. If I was to desecrate any image of any god in any religion, I would think that someone would be offended.

With that said...

What gives any principality or Nation or Religious body, Magazine or Paper publishers the RIGHT to openly print pictures and mock the Prophet Mohammed? The Qu'ran specifically does not speak of any image of the prophet and teaches against the image representation of the Prophet, yet the Danish people think they own the "rights" in religious image representations, just because they use the term, "Freedom of the press."

It has been my exprience that Islam is a very misunderstood religion, as representative on the world stage. Islam as a religion has been here for centurties. Christianity has been a staunch apponent to this religion we call Islam.

The only thing that Westerners know of Islam is that they are killers and bombers and they want nothing more than to see christians and the West killed by any means. Hence the word Terrorism come to the fore. Has anyone really gotten to know someone who is of the Islamic faith? And do we really care about religious respect when it comes to image representation?

NO, I don't think we do or we have.

There is a love / hate relationship between the West (in christian terms) and the East ( I speak of Islam as a location and a religion.)

Why do we (in the West) think that we own the right to depict images of something we know nothing about? I was reading a dutch blog earlier and I had to share my point of view with him.

Westerners really overstepped the rights of the freedom of the press. Hence, we have lost our ability to be afforded respect and safety in areas around the world where there are Muslim populations, especially on the European continent and in Islamic Countries.

The violence we see today, is a reaction to arrogance and stupidity on the part of Western cultures. We do not think about respect when it comes to Islam or Muslim peoples. That is a problem we are and have been dealing with for some time.

I am not condoning in any way terrorist bombings and killings, because no religion condones the killing of innocents for the sake of any God or religion.

Yet, the West continually tries to export its traditions and ways of life on a peoples who do not want us in their countries or in their lives. Danish Press published images of the "prophet" that incited the anger of millions of believers in the Muslim faith around the world. We are seeing protests here in Montreal today right in my own neighborhood.

The fact that the "West" took the chance at taking a stab at a religious figure from a religion that forbids any depictions of The Prophet is quite stupid, arrogant and subject to reprisals.

Did they not even think, for one minute that they were asking for a confrontation? Did they not think for one minute that tensions have been high between the West and the Islamic countries and religion as a whole? And has no one been watching the news for the last 10 years?

What the Danish did was take a very big stick and then took a whack at a very LARGE nest of hornets. And the hornets are now taking aim at those who desecrated the image of The Prophet.

Even I am not that blatantly STUPID...

Did people not learn the lesson of paybacks when American Military personnel desecrated copies of the Qu'Ran in several detention centers? Did you not see the Islamic people go crazy and call upon their bretheren to call jihad on the Westerners?

Did we not learn that desecrating the religion of Islam is a really BIG MISTAKE!!

The West does not respect nor give credence to Islam as a religion and Islamic countries as being viable nations without the infusion and corruption of western thinking and religion. We do not need to conquer any more countries and we do not need to convert the Muslim people to democratic or the religious systems of christianity or christian principles.

Why does the West, I.E. the United States and European Nations insist on instigating confrontations with the Islamic religion? Are you just really stupid or are you gluttons for punishment!

The West will now and has been lately, paying the price for religious intolerance and arrogance. And this will continue until the Islamic people and religion as a whole has sought the correct amount of vengance on those who would desecrate the image of The Prophet and the religion of Islam. You see there is power in numbers and in Europe and in Muslim countries, westerners and christian people and "locations" are fair targets for reprisals. And where there are millions of people gathered to seek vengance for desecration and disrespect, violence is a given. Now this only gives fuel to Militant branches of Islam. they will stop at nothing to slay the infidel. And the Dutch have become targets and They are now persona non grata in the world of Islam.

You have overstepped your rights are publishers and as a people. You have shared your conscience with the world in the printing of those images. That was very stupid and I have to think that you KNEW what you were doing. You stupidly stirred the religious pot with insensitive and disrespecful image sharing. You said alot by printing that set of images. Now you pay the price for your insolence and stupidity.

Everyone has choices to make - You made the wrong choice.

The Middle East / The Fertile Crescent Area and Europe as a whole has seen its share of violence because of disenfranchised Muslim youths in France, and in Spain and on the European continent as a whole, now along with those youth are millions of ADULTS and ELDERS And you Still published those pictures! WHY ???

You must be incredibly Stupid.

The West will now face the music for our inability to learn to co-exist peacefully. Hopefully this will not escalate into a Nuclear Crisis in the 21st century. But, in listening to the radio and hearing people talk about escalations in the Middle East, this cannot be good. The West has stepped into the breach and now the violence has become worrysome for the whole entire world.

And we have NO ONE else to BLAME but OURSELVES...

The West and the East are at war, don't you see it now? The end will not be pretty unless someone stops this once and for all - there must be someone who can step into the fray and stop this before someone pushes the Little Red Button !!

Why we had to walk into someone elses country and start this crusade is the question of the century. World leaders take note. Our arrogant disrespect of the Muslim people and the religion of Islam will cost the lives of many more innocents because of the crusade nature of so many people - nations and leaders.

The hornets nest has fallen from the tree - and many more will be stung because of someones utter stupidity. This is far from over, so be aware. Until this machine expends all of its energy to be destructive it will continue to roll forward and destroy whatever is in its sights.


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