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Torino Opening Ceremonies 10Feb2006

What a Night to be part of the World
Congratulations to all of the Atheletes
for all of your success
You made it to the
You all should be very proud
But most of all to

A little info, go visit

Register and become part of something

Here are a few highlights
from the evenings events
if you missed them
You can visit the Torino Site listed below
and see all of the photos


Passion Lives Here
La Passione Vive Qui
La Passion Vit Ici

Torino 2006 Site Here

I found it particularly troublesome and irksome that Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News was invited to do commentary during the Opening Ceremonies of the XXth Winter Olympics. If only for a few hours to leave the drama and war and strife in the world to come to be part of something big, to hear Brian Williams giving us a "BLOW by BLOW" recounting of all the worlds problems as the Parade of Countries commenced!! Jesus H. Christ, the wars around the world and the drama regarding Denmark, and how Italy and the U.S. are fighting side by side in Iraq, have NOTHING to do with the celebration of great success to get to the Olympic games and have to listen to Political Commentary by a news reporter at a WORLD sports event.

LETS HOPE that BRIAN WILLIAMS keeps news to the news cast and not pepper the rest of the games with the slanted U.S. war on terror agenda during the rest of these games.

SHUT UP Already

We do not need to hear it - ok -
there are others watching
these telecasts around the world

(Like Canadians)

That have to deal with
U.S. Political slanted reporting,
so keep the war and drama
OUT of the games.

Oh the athletes sat together "without borders" now lets see what happens within the competition, so lets start a riot shall we by reminding everyone how the atheletes are skating an "thin ice" with each other! You had to make a remark about the Danish Issue when the Danish team entered the stadium, AND you had to bring up the fact that when the Iranian team entered the stadium as well you reminded the viewers that the Iranian Leader has called for the destruction of the State of Israel. Nothing like getting the games off to a MANIC start!! Why not keep things on an even keel and foster peace instead of strife. I mean the world got an earful during the parade of countries. Thank you Mr. Williams.

You Suck !! Brian !!


Blogger Carrie said...

Try watching CBC instead ;) They've always had the best coverage for the games. NBC does a nice job of local flavour reporting (history of the town, showing landmarks etc.) but beyond that, I find them too painfully slanted in favour of American athletes. We never hear about any other athletes from ANY other country on American networks. So, CBC it Jer and see if that helps :)

Just my opinion mind you. Do what you like. LOL Just sharing a common Canadian belief is all.

6:40 AM  

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