Monday, February 13, 2006

These things I know are true

So If this is Pride, I disagree. If you think this I am pompous, then that's your opinion. Until you have walked a day in my shoes and spent the time working on yourself as I did with me, then keep your comments to yourself. Pride is one thing, wisdom learned through life's issues is another. Sharing that wisdom is part of why we are here. So thank you for your comments, but alas, unless you have something profitable or useful to share, then your comments will never make it to this blog. Some people just want to poke holes into theory, and find excuses or influences to ones persona. No I am not part of any CULT, I am a member of a program of recovery and Yes I do Quote Oprah, and with good reason. 38 years of life and 13 years being HIV positive and years of personal study, religious education and life gives me the right to write whatever the hell I please. So Fuck off !!

Lessons are important for everyone, if you allow them to be useful to you. If you are going to name call and accuse and upset then you have no business coming here! So be gone before someone drops a house on you too!! I don't need any more negative drama !! There is not one un-truth on this list, there is not one issue commented on that I have not learned myself. I do not spout wise plattitudes without understanding or study. Rather you try to understand whyI wrote what I did and how it applies to your life, than sit here and judge me for sharing. Isn't that what this life is for? to share? Some fucking men are so quick to invalidate wisdom for pompous pride! You must be a narrow minded asshole! Oh well, some people are never willing to expand their brains. But thank you for your comment, at least I know who you are!! This is my blog and I write whatever the hell blows my skirt up, and if you don't like it go back to your pond and sit in your pile of shit!

- So Once again -

  • Life is meant to be lived to the fullest
  • Seeking things from others like Validation, Love and Respect will only come when you first find it within yourself
  • Pity is shitty
  • One cannot love another until they learn to love themselves first
  • Sitting in a shit pile, only makes you smell like shit and undesireable
  • Self hate and loathing is unproductive
  • Pedistles are useless
  • If you realized just how LITTLE time others spend thinking about you, you'd be less self absorbed
  • Admitting there is a problem is the first step in finding a solution
  • Arrogance and self righteousness comes from those who really don't know shit and surely don't know what they are talking about
  • Been here - Done that - Got the T-Shirt
  • 13 years alive with HIV - I must know something wise
  • 4 + years clean and sober - I must know something wise
  • 38 years of life experience does give me perspective
  • 3 years University Religion Studies does give me perspective
  • 38 years seeking God and Life abundantly can pay off
  • 38 years of Catholic perspective does give me some vision about God and belief
  • Drama and Trauma does no body any good
  • get off the cross someone else needs the wood
  • If the boys are avoiding you - IT MUST BE YOU!
  • If you can't find a reason to live - I suggest you find one fast
  • There is no shame in asking for help
  • It takes a man to admit he is wrong, but it takes a BIGGER man to ask for help and direction
  • HIV does not kill you - no - its the little things that DO!
  • Do or Do Not - there is no TRY
  • Self definition takes a lifetime
  • Labels restrict and separate - not help or assist
  • Living without a label is so much easier on everyone
  • Trying to find your place in the cosmos will take a lifetime
  • God helps those who help themselves
  • Those who can DO, those who can't Won't
  • I can't and I won't and the word NO are unacceptible
  • That you do your best is all the God asks of you
  • Being arrogant and pissy make a faggot undesireable
  • Being self centered and self righteous will get you no where
  • If you can't see the forest for the trees, take a step back and widen your view
  • Helping others and the less fortunate and/or the sick is supposed to change us from within, if it hasn't maybe you should not be helping others except yourself
  • Being Toxic and Negative will only put distance between you and those you like and love and those who like and love you
  • No body likes a sick, petulant know it all queen
  • Finding the Path and the Right way takes a lifetime of work
  • Life does not come on a silver platter as we expect it
  • Expectations are pre-packaged resentments
  • There are no justified resentments
  • You can't FAKE it till you MAKE it
  • Honesty and humility pay in the long run
  • KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING that the Universe does NOT revolve around YOU is the first step to humility
  • Take some constructive criticism before you kill yourself
  • There are others who have been here many times before and longer than you give us credit for
  • It is too easy to say (WE/I) have no right giving advice, but It seems that some of you need a good Ass Whoopin
  • If no one offers Experience, Strength and Hope, how will we find the way?
  • I can't help you unless you allow me to
  • Stop playing games with yourself (mentally and emotionally)
  • I DON'T need your opinion, because I am older than many of you
  • I DON'T need your comments if you ain't got something good to share
  • I give a shit, because I don't want to see any POZ GAY BOYS DIE on my watch
  • I want you to live your best life
  • Time is a precious commodity - once wasted it can never be regained
  • Wasted time IS wasted time
  • There is no better time than the present to ask for directions
  • Anyone can give advice, but those of us who have fought the war know better than you do how to fight the wars that now rage
  • Little Gay Drama's are not their worth their weight in emotions
  • Staying Positive in a world full of Negative can be insurmountable, but some of us know how to...
  • Grow up and realize that YOU don't know EVERYTHING
  • ONLY someone other than yourself can help you out of the PIT you find yourself in
  • I can't help you out of your PIT if I am in there with you
  • Love for ones self is paramount if you desire to live and to change
  • Change is GOOD
  • A life lived to the fullest is what we strive to do
  • Only an arrogant self centered person denies reality and spits in the face of those who would help them
  • I don't have time to listen to excuses, show me the effort you are going to put into changing yourself
  • IF I didn't Change then where did all the above suggestions come from?
  • Life is a series of minutes added together to form days which gives us opportunity to learn about ourselves and others, in order that we might help one another through the rough spots
  • Only a FOOL would pass up the opportunity to learn something new about themselves
  • Who you listen to and the information you get should be based on the integrity and character and reputation of the person offering said information
  • I am just the messenger of Life, Love and Experience
  • There is no greater truth that God is Love and A life lived authentically is worth everything
  • Integrity is the backbone of any existence
  • I only know that which I have Seen, Experienced and Felt emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and sexually
  • Those who can, "Teach" and those who can't STUDY more
  • Listen to the elders you meet on that path, because they might impart information that you will never get from anyone else on your journey
  • My portion of my map may be the missing portion of your roadmap
  • Remember - life is about the journey, who you meet and what you learn along the way, the endpoint is not so important BUT the journey to get there IS
  • DEATH is the endpoint of any journey
  • There are only two truths, Death and Taxes
  • You can't take it with you
  • Better to share what you know - then keep it hidden in the darkness of ones mind
  • If you don't do your part to better humanity, then you have wasted your existence
  • Betterment of self, and learning ones lessons in order to avoid reincarnation is the path to nirvana
  • One who does not learn his lessons is destined to repeat their mistakes until they do
  • Karm comes round 10 fold in the direction that you sent it out in, so be careful what you put out into the universe
  • I may not be perfect, but I know how to get my point across
  • Sometimes a good kick in the ass, is what we need to learn change
  • I never met a bad piece of advice to better myself
  • Recovery from any problem is a life time job
  • Education is the purpose of a life on earth
  • One can never learn to much about the universe and why we are here
  • Why am I here is the question of the century
  • That you learn that life is worth living is truly important
  • getting rid of drama, trauma and strife will lengthen your lifespan by at least a decade
  • Learning is fundamental
  • Words are extremely important
  • How to use words properly is a fine art
  • Life - Love and the persuit if happiness is all I want from this life
  • That any of this made sense to you will have helped me a great deal
  • That you took the time to read this means at least your willing to think
  • That you are willing to take the time to learn means you have hope
  • Without Hope there is NO life
  • Anger, negativity, arrogance and self righteousness will get you no where
  • Peace, serenity and divinity is what every man, woman and child must strive for
  • Do or Do Not there is not try !!!
  • Unplug the NEON sign flashing above your head
  • The only way to figure out what that sign is saying is to stop, get silent and go within and learn about yourself
  • Mere mortal men fear looking at themselves, because they might have to admit that they need to change, perish the thought
  • The beginning of change is like to breeze of the first spring day
  • God speaks in the whisper of the breeze
  • Angels walk the earth among us
  • God wants nothing more than fo you to be happy and to live your life fully and to help another human along the path of life
  • Society does not help young people as much as it should
  • If there were more mentors there would be alot less miserable young people
  • I do my best each day to help at least one person on the path
  • Maybe that one person was YOU
  • Maybe God is here and you just realized that, great
  • Now are you ready to listen?
  • War is Hell on any front !!!


Blogger MoDigli said...

Oh! It didn't take my original comment, darnit!

Even though I should be citing the Yoda quote you included on the list, I Just wanted to say that this was my favorite:

"Sitting in a shit pile, only makes you smell like shit and undesireable"

I need to remember it because sometimes I've been known to wallow on my own shit pile, and this is good advice to remember!

I hope you and your honey have a great Valentine's Day, Jer! any special plans?

10:58 PM  
Blogger MoDigli said...

Oh! Wait a second! You are doing approval of comments first! ... duh! ...

No wonder my comment didn't post.

I just got that.
YOu don't have to post all these if you don't want to! I'm just a little slow! LOL!

10:59 PM  

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