Saturday, February 25, 2006

Quit Blog day ( 1 )

My name is Jeremy and I am an
addict and alcoholic...

I am Gay and I have been clean and sober
for over 4 years now, I got your link for
SCF ministry. But in Looking it over
I could not participate because of their stance
on Homosexuality!!
Nope - Can't do it - Won't do it...
But thanks for the thought.

Last night at midnight I smoked my last cigarette

It has been 20 hours since then, and I don't know how I am feeling about that. All I know is that when I think about smoking, I get this insane feeling of "hunger." I know that might sound wierd, but that's what I feel. So I sit still and get quiet and work to get past the "moment" of craving and I have done ok today.

I was ok last night going to bed smokeless and I got up this morning, and it was allright I guess. It was not so much the fight not to smoke, but that feeling of "need" to have a cigarette. I am powerless over cigarettes and I know that I've admitted this and now I am praying to the God of my understanding to deal with this, like any addiction.


One day at a time.

They have said that quitting smoking is worse than quitting the drink or drugs. I have been preparing for this to happen and I knew it would present itself when I was clear and ready to stop with no remorse or regret.

So your support and encouragement is very important to me.


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