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Out of touch...

I wonder if Hollywood is "out of touch" with mainstream America, or are they sending a message to the masses by nominating and accepting a more "thought provoking" series of films in this years Oscar nominations. Gays, Homosexuals and Transgendered peoples exist and our stories are just as relevant as straight - war and terror mongering and historical films that I am so tired of having to watch over and over. War is hell, people die every day, divorce is a truly heterosexual problem, pedophilia cases is a straight "Issue," history sells, but so does alternative stories of love and emotion.

The stories of the LGBT people around the world are provacative and interesting. Because more and more straight people are coming forward and telling their stories because culturally, the world is ready to hear them and we are willing to listen to them and help them out of their closets - WHY - because you haven't.

They've been shut up for so long because of the heavily and deeply ingrained thought of cultural and religious control on what is normal and acceptible. Get over yourselves already. And Stop trying to exert your control over everything. Don't you conservative christian folk have lives and virginal daughters to control and horny teenager boys to keep in the corral? Don't you have better things to do than worry about what we are doing?

Me thinks all this attention you are paying to the Gay Agenda speaks loudly about the problems you are having with your God and your own sexual identites. Maybe there are more gay conservative preachers and men and women than we first thought! Maybe you want to come out but you fear retribution or exclusion by your own communities!

They say that the dog that makes the most noise has the most to hide! So I ask you conservative christians - what are you all hiding (behind)?

Straight relationship movies are so predictable and OLD NEWS. We've seen it, we've put up with it, and now we demand your attention with OUR stories. We challenge you to think outside the box, we challenge you to Love unconditionally and non-judgementally!! We are among you and to ignore that fact - negates our existence in the greater scheme of the world.

Maybe Hollywood is tired of having to "make everyone happy" with mundane and historical documentaries.

Conformity SUCKS!!

Kissing the ass of Middle America is OVER!

Pandering to the Christian right is OVER.

Why do you even think that we care what the fuck you think any more? You can all move to Texas and live on the Bush ranch and love each other to death for all I care. Times are a changing, and I think Hollywood is sending you a clear message that "Non-conformity and change" is where we are headed, and if you don't like that, then may I suggest you move somewhere else and set up your christian utopian societies.

I am so tired of war and fucking terrorism films and the straight and sappy predictable love stories. Oh, I am so over you all. The "culture of death" is coming to an end. Why, if a story is moving and thought provoking, not deserve to be awarded, just because it pushes you to accept that other forms of love exist that step outside the normal heterosexual lines of love and relationship.

You conservative christians GIVE ME FUCKING GAS !!! Gays exists, love that exists between men and women exist, why are you so afraid of admitting this very real fact? How many men in christian circles went to war and shared love with other men? How many men died for each other and how many men placed their lives in danger to save other men? How many straight men love other men and are afraid to admit it for fear of exclusion? MANY!!!!

Why has christianity become this exclusionary club and become a culture of entitlement and privelege for only those who follow the party line and believe as you believe and love the way you love? God is NOT pleased. And I have heterosexual gas pains...


The Oscar best picture nominees are apparently not playing in Peoria, as the saying goes. In fact, the summer comedy "Wedding Crashers" has done more box-office business than all five of them combined.

Why is Wedding Crashers doing good business, because it is "stupid" and panders to the culture of stupidity that most of middle and mainstream America can relate to! It panders to the hetrosexual wedding theme of normativitiy and dysfuntion of families, that is so very present in this America's day and age!! It is indicative of the culture of studpidity that is so prevalent in Mainstream America. And it pushes no boundaries and ask no serious questions so "stupid sells" and totally emotionally charged stories about real people don't?

Stupid sells because that is all most of Middle America can handle because of their narrow minded uneducated brains are not equipped to think outside the box. America is NARROW it has been narrow for so long that I think you all are so fucking fearful about chaging your thinking and ways of living that change will never be successful. Come see how the rest of the world accepts diversity, and see if you cannot adopt a little more understanding and compassion for others with different struggles.


"Two of the films have gay story lines, and some Christian conservatives say it's another example of how out of touch Hollywood is with mainstream America."

"Brokeback Mountain," the movie about male ranch hands who become star-crossed lovers, was nominated for eight Oscars.

"Capote," a movie about a gay author, was nominated for five. And "Transamerica," in which the lead character undergoes a sex change, was nominated for two.

Gay activists say it's a landmark year — that these films will heighten their visibility in mainstream America.

We are Queer - We are Here - so get used to it !!

"That greater visibility is what leads to less defamation, and that's the bottom line for us," said Neil Giuliano, president of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

'Brokeback:' 'Brilliant' and 'Dangerous'

Interestingly, Christian conservative critics have called "Brokeback Mountain" — the odds-on favorite for best picture — brilliant and moving.

But they also call it dangerous, arguing the artistic skill is being harnessed for "gay propaganda."

It's a sad day for American when a small group of very determined activists are dominating the awards ceremony," said Janice Crouse, the senior fellow at the Beverly LaHaye Institute, a think tank associated with the Concerned Women for America.

There seem to be dueling impulses in Hollywood right now. More gay-themed movies than ever were nominated for Oscars. But the movie studios have increasingly been courting Christians with films such as "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "The Passion of the Christ."

At a time of slumping box-office sales, this seeming schizophrenia may just be smart business.

But there is debate about whether big Oscar wins by gay-themed movies will turn away the large, lucrative Christian market.

Said the Hollywood Reporter's Gregg Kilday: "If they [movie studios] can reach a church-based audience with a movie like 'Narnia,' and they can reach an audience that isn't scared away by gay themes with a movie 'Brokeback Mountain,' they're happy to do that."


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just to point out, Brokeback Mountain is an alternative lovestory, and a beautiful one at that.

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