Friday, February 17, 2006

The Olympic Medals

This comes from the Torino Games Website, click the hyperlink above.
Here are the Torino 2006 medals, another face of the Games. It is a medal with a completely new face that will be the symbol of the XX Olympic Winter Games. The concept was studied by a team made up by
Ottaviani International, Sponsor of Torino 2006 and the TOROC graphic team.

It has the shape of a circle with an empty space at the centre: a coherent solution of the image of Torino 2006 which finds in the piazza its own representation.

The piazza in the symbol image of Italy: historical signal, physical and social space that creates and accompanies the great events. This is the place where victories are celebrated and the tension of the competition is watered down. It is a place where passion lives.

Round like the Olympic Games and like a symbolic ring of the victory, the medal with an empty space at the centre, it will reveal also the area of the chest under which the heart and life beats and especially the passion for the great Olympic events. On the front side, the medal of the XX Olympic Winter Games synthesises the graphic elements of the Games, on the rear it presents a pictogram on the sport discipline. To give the idea of a three dimension, on the surface of the medal there is specific use of spaces, of shiny and satin.

“I feel moved by the idea that these medals will leave Torino from the neck of the most representative athletes and will go in the entire world" declared the President of TOROC Valentino Castellani. "Their feats and their smiling faces will keep the memory of the memorable Games of Torino 2006 and with it the image of Italy”.


Blogger Carrie said...

Very beautifully written Jeremy. :)

I can't bring myself to like these medals though. If I were an Olympian this year and medalled in my sport, I would want the same medal former Olympians had. To me, this just doesn't look like an Olympic medal. I've got a serious problem with the hole in it too.

Do you know if they're going back to the original medal style for future Olympics? I'm hoping but haven't heard anything about that.

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