Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mens Short Review - Torino

So it is 2 a.m. as I write this because I missed the earlier telecast of the Men's Short Program. It's mid-term exam time for me. So the only two skaters I was interested in seeing skate were of course Mr. Jeffrey Buttle from Canada and Mr. Johnny Weir from the United States. Jeffrey Buttle, of course was my favorite going into the Olympics for a medal for Canada. So let's get to it shall we.

Jeffrey Buttle
6th Place

I like his skating. He is a dancer and got great words of priase from the people, and I've seen him skate 4 clean competitions. Alas, they say it is Olympic Pressure, but Jeffrey hit the ice on a triple jump and touched the ice later in his program. Jeffrey skated well, but not stellar as I had hoped he would. Hey, at least you made it to the games. I have read all the news reports on his skate from other sources, and I wanted to see the skate before I wrote about it. Jeffrey still is a great skater. Maybe he will turn out a flawless long program later in the week. Jeffrey, it could have been better. It's still the accomplishment of getting to the Olympics, but sixth place going into the Long Program put you in a tight spot, even out of medal contention.

In One word, Sadness.


Mr Johnny Weir
2nd place

He calls himself not the typical skater
that he makes his rules and doesn't follow anyone else
Watching his little bio-piece, Hey You're a DIVA
the glasses, fur and rebel attitude just give it away
No ring on the finger, calls his own shots
and gives attitude and is flawless
You Go Boy!!


Johnny's skate was excellent. A true artist, he went out there and skated a perfect short program. But against the Russian Evgeni Plushenko there is too much of a gap in the scores. The swan number was excellent. You are a star on the ice. And tonight you skated really well. I hope you pull out all the stops for your long program.

In one word, Excellent.

Notable mentions

Emanuel Sandhu - 7th Place 69.75 Canada
Matthew Savoie - 8th Place 69.15 United States
Evan Lysacek - 10th Place 67.55 United States
Shawn Sawyer - 12th Place 67.20 Canada


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Though I appreaciate the style and grace of figure skating, I could never really get into watching it.

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