Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hate is Unacceptible...

They say the youth are the promise of the future, Right!! I saw this report earlier when I came home from class and it just rubbed me the wrong way. So now young people are learning about Hate Crimes and are walking around with hatchets and guns.

What the
FUCK were you thinking, you stupid stupid boy.

I am now going to get all up in your sorry stuff.

If this young boy is lost in his hate and into Nazi, Racist and Anti-Semitic items found in his room, what does that say about the parents that raised him? If he was that troubled, then he needed to get some help. It seems they took that road, and he ended up here in trouble with the law.


Now, let's not beat the parents because as we all know too well that teenage boys in this day and age don't give a fuck what parents or authority figures have to say. I hope this boy goes to jail for a long time. If he hates queers like this, his future will not be very pleasant. I just don't understand what drives the minds of young people these days. Youth violence is on the rise "Internationally" sadly I must admit.

You see, this is a prime example of the culture of death and violence we live in. That young people would be led to do things like this. What are we teaching our children by allowing them to live this way, act whatever way they want, and not expect to pay the consequences for their actions. Hate is such a thing that some in North America still think is a viable option instead of "Live and Let Live!" People would rather beat and kill the "Other" than stopping the violence and learning to live in peaceful coexistence. It is just a god damned shame.

And God wept !!

Another child lost to hate and violence.

Montreal has its share of "Bad Boys and Bad Girls" and "Thug-sistas and brothas..." and how does one reach so many, who are wrapped up in being "cool" and "down with it." But this was an unconscionable crime. Who walks around with that much anger and hate? What drove him to do this? Were any of these "people" threatening to him? Or did someone teach him that violence against all types of people was acceptible and warranted in this day and age? What the fuck is this? This is just SO fucked up...

One stops and thinks, was this a great example of internalized homophobia? People who hate others as badly as he did, really have something they are trying to either hide or get rid of OR they are trying to prove their merit by striking those who are deemed "Hate-able."

This is just not what we should be teaching our young people. If we are, then something must change because this portends a bleak future for those who do not sit inside the acceptible norms of social existence. Religious and Racial hatred is Unacceptible. Homophobia will NOT be tolerated from anyone in my community. You either learn to deal with it, or you keep your comments and violence to yourself.

There is no room for Nazi racism in this world. Anti-Semitism is not something we espouse in Canada, but Hate does as Hate will. I just feel really bad for the owners of the club that was targeted and the men who were injured. I hope that you all will be ok. I think that the bar owners were right in remaining open for business. We will not go down so easliy without a fight.

A community that sticks together "Wins" together.

There are some sick and twisted young people out there in both the boys and girls groups. They think they are so misunderstood and that we keep them locked up and we are always keeping an eye out for them to make sure they don't fuck up. Well little "BOY" you fucked up and in the wrong establishment with the wrong community of people. Because this will not go unpunished.
If we let this go unpunished then it gives free reign to other young people to do the same to others.

Hate and violence will never be acceptible...

If you want to hate, maybe you need to figure out first, why it is THAT you HATE.

I lived in a house of haters for most of my life, and I will not put up with it in my life or in my community and that goes for the greater gay community at large. We must stand united and protect what is ours, and to protect and support our brothers and sisters when things like this happen.

Hate Violence is Unacceptible and will Never be Tolerated.

May God have mercy on this young, sick boy. I hope he gets the help and rehabilitation he deserves, after he makes restitution to the establishment and the men whom he injured.

Armed teen at Mass. Gay Bar Injures three

by RAY HENRY, Associated Press Writer

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. - A young man dressed all in black went on a rampage at a gay bar with a hatchet and a gun Thursday, wounding three patrons in what police said appeared to be a hate crime.

One victim was in critical condition with head wounds. Police searched for 18-year-old Jacob D. Robida, who was wanted on charges of attempted murder, assault and civil-rights violations.

According to court papers, Robida's mother told police that he briefly stopped by the house less than an hour after the brawl and was bleeding from the head. In Robida's bedroom, officers found Nazi regalia and anti-Semitic writings on the wall.

"Obviously we have a man who's dangerous, who's not rational, and he has weapons," said prosecutor Paul Walsh Jr.

A bartender said it was around midnight when a teen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and black pants walked into Puzzles Lounge, a gay nightspot in this historic seaport city of 94,000 people, about 50 miles from Boston.

He flashed an apparently fake ID and ordered a drink, then asked if the place was a gay bar and was told it was, said the bartender, who asked to be identified only by his first name, Phillip, because of fear for his safety.

The bartender said the teen finished his drink and walked back to where two men were playing pool. He shoved one of them to the ground, then pulled a hatchet from his sweatshirt and began swinging at the man's head, cutting him, Phillip said.

Other patrons tackled the man, sending the hatchet sliding across the floor, the bartender said. Then the attacker pulled a gun, shot a man, and then fired another bullet into the chest of a patron who was leaving the bathroom, the bartender said.

He then ran off into the night.

Police recovered the hatchet and found a knife outside. The knife was not apparently used in the attack.

According to court papers, a woman in the bar recognized Robida as a current or former student at New Bedford High School. School officials would not confirm whether he was enrolled there.

Robida graduated in 2001 from the city's Junior Police Academy, a "boot camp" that teaches discipline to 12- to 14-year-olds, many of whom are referred by juvenile courts or social services agencies, Acting Police Chief David Provencher said.

Police identified the injured men as Robert Perry, Alex Taylor and Luis Rosado but would not say which one suffered the head wounds. The two other men were shot; their conditions were not released.

A family friend who answered the door at Robida's home said his mother had no comment.

The owner of the bar, Richard F. Macedo, said he planned to be open on Thursday night because closing would amount to giving in to homophobia. He said the place and its customers have never been targeted before because of their sexual orientation.

"We've been here almost 15 years," Macedo said. "All it takes is one bad egg."


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