Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gay or Not does it matter??

I have been reading that Rudy Galindo, the GAY HIV Positive ex olympic skater, is pissed off at Johnny Weir for supposedly "copying" his routines. And now he is having a hissy fit over the sexual orientation of Mr. Weir. I have intimated my suspicion, yet refrained from stating anything obvious. But I wonder, does sexual orientation make a difference in who Johnny is or how he skates? Does it matter if he is gay or not? and who are we to point fingers and OUT people in the year 2006?

I think Mr. Rudy Galindo has an axe to grind and being a pretentious pissy queen is not becomming of a man of any gay character POZ or NOT! I am appauled that you would act this way. I don't think that it matters if he is gay or not. THAT Mr. Weir chose NOT to discuss this issue and left it to us to think about it was the higher road.

I don't think Mr. Galindo has a sequin to stand on, I mean what the hell, your poz and so am I, but I am not angry and pissy like you are! Are you having a bad spell with your meds or are you JEALOUS that Johnny got more spot light than YOU did at any olympic games, because lets face it - Gay and POZ during the years YOU were skating were not as open and accepting as they are now. I wonder WHY Rudy Galindo raised this issue? Pissy Queen!!

You know, Johnny did not skate his best. I think he threw the medal just so that he did not have to put up with the kind of stress and spotlight that would have been thrust upon him HAD he won a medal. Was it intentional? Only Johnny can answer that question. Did he just not feel up to skating a stellar program or did he skate a nominal flawless program hoping that he might place based upon art and not technical merit? Who knows. All I DO know is that he said after his short program that the pressure was ON HIM as the next U.S. Medal winner, and I don't think that that sat well with him, since he openly criticized his critics and he said that he marches to his own beat and drum. And he calls his shots and nobody elses. I think that he stuck it to the U.S. Figure Skating world by not placing in medal contention. Was that wise? maybe !! maybe NOT.

But I do know over those days my stat tracker went through the roof with queries about the sexual orientation of every skater that I wrote about on this blog. Are we that shallow that we have to keep sexual orientation a priority of must know information? I mean this is 2006 and being OUT and GAY is not such a big bad truth in this day and age.

Mr. Galindo I would like to know if you checked your motives before you SHOT your mouth off and made the Poz community look bad, because I am POZ and I am offended by your pissy and vengeful attitude. You do not speak for me as a POZ man by any stretch of the imagination. I think you owe us an apology!

Whether Johnny is gay or not is not the question, that Mr. Weir OUT SKATED Rudy is the issue, and I watched you skate over the years and you were never as good as Johnny Wier IS. It's a sad day when a poz man desires to openly attack another fellow just to grind his pissy POZ axe.

I feel sad for you Rudy. And I am glad I am not like you!!

You should be a better man than than, or have you not learned that lesson yet in your POZ education and dealing with life and death? I have. You're not a teen ager any longer and this isn't high school, grow the fuck up! I as a poz representative I am astounded by your petulant stupidity.

Olympian Weir dodges Gay Question:
by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

(Turin Italy) Considered one of the rising stars on the US figure skating team Johnny Weir had a less than stellar week on the ice at the Turin Olympics this week.

But Thursday night after finishing fifth in the free skate the questions from reporters were not about his skating. Instead reporters were focused on his sexuality.

The queries were sparked by an interview earlier in the day in the Chicago Tribune with former US champion Rudi Galindo, who attacked Weir for "copying" his routines.

Galindo, the only out US figure skater and who is HIV-positive, slammed the media for not confronting Weir about his sexuality.

"He's drinking tea with his pinkie finger in the air, and he's so over the top and feminine, why is everybody asking him about his `style' and not just ask him if he's gay?" Galindo told the Tribune. "It's the funniest thing to watch."

Weir laughed off the media questions while refusing to be pinned down.

"I think it's funny that people care," Weir reasoned to a reporter's question.

"I don't have a problem with people saying anything. People could be saying, 'Oh, let's poll about Bode Miller. Let's poll about Michelle Kwan being a lesbian, something like that.' It's not a big deal. Who I sleep with doesn't affect what I'm doing on the ice or what I'm doing in a press conference."

Weir has in the past, though, given a few hints, without being specific.

After a rocky performance at the nationals he said he'd recently been through a tumultuous personal relationship that negatively impacted on his skating.

During a news conference he called himself "princess-y," and said he isn't a jock, but an athlete dressed in rhinestones and sequins.

Along with the Galindo interview the Tribune ask


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