Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dissent from Within

I posted this letter that was printed in Sunday's edition of Le Presse newspaper. It seems that there is a row of dissent beginning within the walls of mother church here in Montreal. I was surprised not to see some names that I was familiar with here in Montreal. Lord knows, I know a few certain priests from this diocese on the english side whom I think would participate in this kind of discussion. I wrote to one of them tonight, I await his reply.

Let the discussion begin. I have maintained that the church must change or crumble under its own arrogance, ignorance and narrow-mindedness. I don't see Rome saying anything but sticking to the party line, in all things holy and sexual. If anything His Holiness (Rottweiler) will send a stern message to Canada rebuking these men and calling the bishops to Rome for a good Heavenly tongue lashing in the dungeons of His Holiness and the Inquisition.

I picture a scene out of the exorcist

"The Power of Christ Compels You!"
"The Power of Christ Compels You!"

ha ha ha ha ha ha

My life is back to normal and school is in full swing - part two of Winter Semester began today, and we are well on our way to some more much needed stress and insanity. So TTFN...

I don't have anything witty or confucious for you tonight, so I am off to bed.


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