Monday, February 20, 2006

a day changes everything

What a difference a day makes, or more like it two days!! Now with the excitement of the men's figure skating final, I have become a nobody once again! he he he The stats dropped to abnormally low numbers. Oh well, back to regularly scheduled programming.

I got into bed last night - the heat has been running full blast for the last week, because of the wind and bone chilling cold outside, not to mention, my side of the bed is closest to the lanai door and windows in our bedroom, while snuggled under the blankets, I finished the read of "Christ the Lord, Out of Egypt."

I have to say that Ms. Rice had me captivated through the entire last word of her bibliography and history of research for the book. I found the last few chapters of the book compelling to read. After visiting the temple for the Passover Sacrifice, we find Jesus bar Joseph meeting a blind man, and Jesus bar Joseph does that thing he did, and so forth and so on. Soon afterwards we find that Jesus has to find out the rest of the story, from that night in Bethlehem and what happened with Herod! He returns to a Rabbi in the temple, and demands some answers which he gets from the Holy Man.

This of course goes on for 3 days, which coincides with one of the Marian Mysteries of the Rosary where Mary and Joseph find Jesus in the temple after being lost! We then get an opportunity to hear Mary, the mother of Jesus, impart the entire story to her son, about what happened with the angel's appearance and his birth in Bethlehem and what transpired afterwards in regards to Herod's actions. You would not begin to think about the length that Anne Rice went to - to give us this story, the research she did to understand the situation and person of Jesus.

Suffice to say that Ms. Rice, writes into her story that Jesus bar Joseph, as a child, had the very same powers as a child as he did as a man, as interpreted from early writings on christian hisory. Information one might find in the gnostic gospel stories of Jesus, since there are no canonical Gospel accounts written that speak of the childhood of Jesus. It was incredibly fascinating to read.

There are many questions she raises in the last pages of the book, which I found compelling and being that I am studying religion, I think I might follow up on some of them. If you haven't read this book, you will have no idea what I am talking about, so Read the Book!!

Do you ever get the feeling that Bills are evil? That utility companies and credit card companies want nothing more than to see us poor, begging for food on street corners, With the Winter the heating bill eats up a shitload of money that is already tight on the budget. Not to mention all the other bills that must be paid on time, in amouts that make eating a secondary evil.

Must Pay Bills
Must pay what they tell us to
Eating is not necessary
when bills are due !!!

Nothing like stress and wondering how one is to survive knowing that every penny is accounted for, for the next 6 months. And here I am trying to patiently - and meditatively quit smoking, without loosing my head or committing mortal and venial sins to get there! UGH!! I hate falling behind, and this happens every winter. Not to mention that utility companies here have hiked rates to maximize the spending power of the mere mortal customer! Let's jack up the rates during peak winter weather and cause our customers to go hungry and get poor quicker, bastards!!

I hate vacation. I hate down time from studies, it unnerves me. I need to re-read an entire text book in the next 6 days (again) so that I can write my Methods 409 Midterm. Second place will just not do! Must Ace this exam, no excuses - no worries. 120 page book, chocked full of theory and chauvanistic patriarchy of religion. I hate Tracy!!

Goerge O'Malley got to speak his mind to Meredith last night, "I will never stop loving you" he said, as she lifted his shirt off of him, fade screen to black! UGH dammit all the hell, we wanted to see them kiss for God sakes! We have waited for HOW LONG to get some resolution to the George and Meredith situation and you FADE TO BLACK as the moment is consummated???

Are you all fucking CRAZY ???

Anyways, the Olympics have bored me to tears, the women's figure skating begins tomorrow! Big Deal. We might have a shot at some medal, maybe, we'll see! So stay tuned. Maybe I will get all preachy and post the results like I did the men, and my stats will skyrocket once again with people looking for the sexual orientation information to those I post about!

What is it with sexual orientation of people? I mean do you really care if someone is gay or not? Does it make a difference in their performance? Maybe 10 years ago a queer athelete would stop the presses, but I hope we are beyond that in 2006. I have to say that over the last week I have had almost 3,000 hits to this blog. And would you believe that most of those searches had the name of an athlete with the words Gay or Lesbian in the search field. Thank God for Stat Tracker. Do you really care? Not that I speculated and intimated my interpretation of words, interviews and actual on air time. I never outed anyone directly, I might have stated the obvious for the occasional reader, but I never said "He or she is GAY or Lesbian!"

Who is queer and who isn't
front page tabloid news any more!

Get over it...

So groupies it's just You and Me kiddies!!


Blogger Carrie said...

LOL I had no idea that was why your stats jumped.

Ah well, do like me, ignore the stats and just have fun with your blog if you want :) Seriously, I probably should look at my stats but I honestly just don't care.

Good luck on the tests!! And huge gobs of positivity for your other efforts {hug}

8:59 AM  

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