Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Before I forget... Dreaming ...

Today was one of those days, being on vacation, I used to my advantage. Which translates into, I spent the day in bed... Nothing gives me more relaxation and self renewal than 15 hours or more of uninterrupted sleep.

Last night I was listening to George Noory on Coast to Coast Am and his guests talking about psychic abilities and dreams and the power of the mind. I usually dream big, WHEN I dream, for that matter. It has been a while since I had a dream and remembered it long after I wake. Today was that kind of day. I dream at the end of a sleep cycle usually at the point of rem stage sleep. I had another "flight dream." I love flight dreams because they usually involve a second person and it usually lasts for a long time, which means I carry the flight into my waking hours and a flight dream sticks in my brain longer than any of the other dreams I usually have.

The beginning of the dream opens with me visiting a family, which I am familiar with, this "familial" recognition in dream state is repetitive. I have had other dreams, such as my fern gully dream where a family is part of the story line. (ask me about fern gully later) This was a very atheletic dream. The first portion of the dream was spent "earthbound" traveling and doing activity oriented things, skiing, boarding, it had the air of showmanship to it, that's the only way I can explain it. This section of the dream lasted for what seemed a long time. Because I get the sense (physically) while I sleep that a certain dream portion is going on and on and will continue.

And it did. I got up at one point to use the bathroom then I crawled back into bed, and set down to attempt to pick up the dream where it left off. I got lucky this time. I am in a location which is unknown to me. I have several jobs in this portion of the dream. I am part of some kind of celebration and there are several costumes involved in this part of the dream. In a usual flight dream "tall, glass, buildings or towers are usually associated with the dream." As part of the celebration performers are doing arial acrobatics to music and light. But it seemed that once the celebration ended, my flight became a necessity something that I longed to do. Something I was meant to do. Flight for me is like free swimming in a great big sea. There is mobility, availability and ability to move between great distances with great ease.

The second person involved in this dream does not appear later in the dream as it transpires.

But I end up traveling on my own to places I've never seen. There are huge and wonderous skyscrapers and living quarters in the sky in the dream, which I am "flying by and around." These building rise to heights unseen in natural/earthbound architechture. This theme has appeared in other dream for many years. Towers, Glass, Living spaces, All are repetitive themes in my "flight" dreams.

There is a distinct feeling I get when I am flying in a dream. There is nothing in my head and I am one with the air around me. Nothing keeps me bound to the earth, and nothing returns me to the earth, as it were.

I do not "end up" landing in the dream, I just fly into infinity.

What does infinity have to do with the dream?


1. What is it about "place"
2. The height of "places" stuck with me
3. The freedom of flight always stays with me
4. Flight always follows release mentally for me - When I let go mentally, I usually travel.

I must also Mention that I am into the beginning of The Journey Home, once again. That book always makes me think and think hard every time I read it. And it seems when I purely intend to leave my sleep space and I "intend" that departure, it usually happens in a big way. I will wait to see what the next dream scape opens up to me.


Blogger Echo Mouse said...

The timing of this post is very odd for me. I have had two dreams recently which are clearly working out some major things. Normally my dreams are fairly insignificant. Anyway, not the quite the same as your experience but these dreams are sticking in my mind. Your post reminded me of all this.

Anyway, I came here (besides wanting to read) to share something absolutely fantabulous which I found by accident - you will LOVE this! (Err..unless you knew about the site already)

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