Thursday, February 09, 2006

And so it begins...

There is a jumble in my head tonight, so I will try to write cohesively!!

Midterms are upon us, and many of my friends are "Freaking out!" I have one "In class" midterm in Personalities in Religion, John Paul II - how fun is that! In class essay style, no sweat really !! My Methods Midterm is a take home that I get next Thursday and its a take home that we have 2 weeks to finish. (as it was told to us,) that the Prof, must write "accessible" questions so that we should be able to answer then, Provided, that is, if we went to class and read the material! UGH! Failure is NOT an option... UGH!!

Easy Peasy !!

Today was the 11th Annual Graduate Students' Interdisciplinary Conference, the Title of the Event was calls "Sexy Religion... The Allure of the Transcendent." I sat on on the third session papers, Wittgenstein on Religion Belief and the Quest for Certainty, and Deadmans Mouthpiece: A look at the Allure of Nineteenth Century Spiritualism. Very interesting topics, Not that I am in any way able to comment on a graduate level presentation, I listened very intently though. Although, at one point during one of the discussions, I did come up with the same question as several of the attendees, which made me feel good, that at least I figured out the same question that some others did.....

The Event that I and many were waiting for was the Keynote Address, which was to be given by the man of the hour, My friend and Professor Donald Boisvert. The crowd in attendance were many of his "groupies" of whom I am one, other students from other classes, profs, and some of his T.A.'s. Donald's topic was called "The Flirtatous Sacred: Reflections on Religion and Desire.

Donald is a rock star at Concordia. I hope he felt good about his paper.

We "groupies" sat there in amazement listening to him talk, he saud he was nervous, but I think he did a great job. It is different listening to an Academic Paper presentation than an in class lecture or in class disussion. He did hit on topics that many of us were familiar with, from classes we took over the last year. Every time the words Catherine Bell or Mary Douglas comes out of someones mouth these days one cringes with fear!! ha ha ha

He spoke about Robert Orsi, and his article (from a book he wrote,) "Between Heaven and Earth: The Religious Worlds People Make and the Scholars who study them." We studied the chapter called Material Children, in the Body and Religion class last term. It is interesting listening to Donald present this paper, because (we) as students wrote exams on many of the topics he touched upon. One of my friends said to me afterwards, "oh, I feel so smart now," Knowing that we wrote exams of portions of the paper Donald presented tonight. It was a great event to participate in. I did not make earlier presentations because I had class all afternoon.


Saturday, here in Montreal there is a protest/march planned for the members of the Muslim faith and Montreal at large. A march is planned from Sherbrooke to the Danish Embassy here in Montreal. The media and the Imams are pleading with those who would attend to be peaceful, but as you know, with any demonstration, anything is possible. I am thinking about going to this demonstration so that I can write about it here and give you the perspective from amid the conflict, and give the Montreal/Canada perspective. We'll see what happens.


What else? After last nights report from BYU on a possible cure for HIV, I slept quite well. We all can have hope, but I know hot to get my hopes up for anything soon. It is detrimental to hedge all of ones bets in one nest, so let us wait and listen for more news from other doctors.


I'm off to watch some TV.

Until later !!


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