Sunday, January 15, 2006

A weekend of Skating - in Review

This afternoon, from St. Louis, I got the chance to watch the Championship Skaters from the United States perform in the Skate Spectacular from St. Louis. I have to say that the Men's team is really great. Matthew Savoie, Evan Lysacek and Johnny Wier are just fantastic skaters. Each of these men are great in their own way. I taped the performances and watched them a second time. Dual citizens have such a good time at Olympic Games Time! Who do you root for, well of course Canada comes first! The U.S. comes in at a close second. There are many great skaters from around the world who I happen to enjoy skate.

The competition is going to be fierce this year in Torino. And if this weekend is any sign of what's coming, I can't wait to see the men face off on the ice in Italy. There is going to be a really hard competition coming, and the only thing one can say for these next Olympic games is QUAD, QUAD and another QUAD!! I think that that Quad is going to separate the men from the boys. I don't think we will see another Olympic games with the likes of Todd Eldridge, one of America's finest skaters, come away from an Olympics with wins, based on style rather than jumps. The men of Torino are going to have to step it up a notch with at least one Quad in their programs. The gauntlet is set, if the Russians can do it, Canadian and U.S. skaters must do them as well.

The first program that I want to talk about is Mr. Johnny Wier. His choice of music was from "Old Blue Eyes" Frank Sinatra with "My Way!" How "apropos" this piece of music was with his simply stunning performance. Watching Johnny throughout this season, and his skyrocket to the top of the podium has been a journey for the me. Johnny, I have heard it been said, that he is a very "internal" skater. It shows in his skate. He's just amazing! I wish I could skate like that!

I think his choice of music tonight spoke volumes of just how he made it to the top this season to win that Gold Medal. Was he trying to send a message, maybe. Does he skate like a professional? Definitely. He still needs that quad. Suffice to say, I thought his skate was amazing, once again. It seems to me that Johnny is a quiet person, and very personal in his style. It always struck me how deeply he feels from seeing him perform. He is very different from the other skaters, listening to his interviews in St. Louis. Whatever he does, if he skates as well as he did this weekend, (add a quad or two) to his programs, and we could have an Olympic Champion.

But let's not count out the "Canadian Men's Team."

Today, I was totally moved by Mr. Evan Lysacek's performance to Andrea Bocelli's, "Time to say Goodbye." He was just amazing. I found his skate to be incredibly smooth and so well executed. His spins are tight and his lines are so clean and wonderful. Evan is, in my opinion a strong contender for a medal, let's hope he is ready for the challenge. It was just a beautiful, beautiful skate. Evan is a truly amazing skater. I am just so amazed at the way all of the skaters move across the ice with such ease and fantastic artistic ability. I love Skating!


Let me address a few issues that I have seen come across my stat tracker. There are many inquiries to the male skaters I write about here, that I think should be addressed. I do not claim to know the sexual orientation of any of the U.S. or Canadian Champions, although alot of the hits coming over the past few days have been through sexual orientation inquiries from the net.

So I did some research on my own. Firstly, Johnny Weir is MARRIED! And I cannot confirm, nor wish to judge anyone I post about on this blog. Just because I write about the men's skating teams does not mean that I have publicly outed or labled anyone. I think it is detrimental to society when we lable people in a sexual orientation kind of way. I may be gay, that does not mean I think that anyone I write about is, unless specifically addressed in any post with specific FACT or personal knowledge. Nuff said!!

Michelle Kwan made the U.S. Olympic team, good for you Michelle. The U.S. Olympic Team was announced last night, they have a strong team going into this Olympics. Let's hope that Michelle can accomplish what she has set out to do - earn a Gold Medal in Torino. There are a few younger ladies on the team who have their eyes set on medals, so Miss. Kwan, you have your work set out for you! I hope you are up for the challenge.


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