Tuesday, January 10, 2006

To thine own self be true

So James Frey is a FRAUD!!

Once a junkie always a junkie!!


Oh, my god. What a day it has been. I LOOOVE Toosday's even more than before, why, you ask? Because I have a morning class together with my husband (Religion and Sex) with my favorite professor Donald, and after that I have my Methods Class, which is a graduate level course, which is a 4th level (409) class.

I've tried to explain this before, but I talked about this at the meeting tonight, under the auspice of Alcoholics Anonymous, Of which I am a proud member, To Thine Own Self Be True and on the grounds of Honesty, I have crossed over my 4 year anniversary last month, I've begin a graduate level course, which has set me in a specific place mentally and emotionally. I've walked through another membrane, so to speak, into a new position in University terms, somewhere I've never been before. This is really BIG for me.

You know coming from junkiehood into soberville is a long and tedious journey that takes alot of honesty and hard work. You learn to Get the Fuck Honest and find the source of all that is good, I.E. a Higher Power, and you start walking the path. My sobriety came first, and within that sober time, University became a goal, and now 3 plus years later, I have walked a long journey over alot of land, time, distance and space, and I relocated from one country to another, we call that a HUGE geographic.

Anyways, I walked into this (409) class and I feel a sense of accomplishment, I have walked all this way and done all this work in school and in sober living, and now I am standing on the top of this rise in the path, and I can see the road behind me and I can see the goal as it sits in front of me for the first time, "Graduation" and a freaking degree in Religion. And my Prof says to us today, what is it you want to do with this degree?

Do you know what this sounds like to someone getting sober? It's the fucking BOMB! The goal is in sight, I have successfully reached a very significant point in my life, because for the first time in my life, I have reached the goal I have always wanted to, to graduate from University. A little late, but hell, better late than never! Some people never get this chance! So make the best of it while it is here. Ok, breathe! take it easy, keep it real!

I spoke in class for the first time to a prof I do not know and made a complete ass of myself by sticking my foot in my mouth all the way up to my thigh! UGH Me so Dumb! He asked us "What is religion?" well, that depends I said, on where you live regionally and internationally. For North American's, most of them, religion is something that you do once a week, by obligation. In other areas of the globe, religion is a way of life! He did not like that answer. He quickly made me feel like I was 5 years old. I hate when that happens.

I mean really, what is christianity, but something one professes and hopes they can live up to the tenets of the form of christianity you follow. Christianity is the profession of faith one believes in, that God exists and Jesus lived and died for your sins, so love your neighbor as yourself and try, as you might to live the Jesus message to others. RIGHT! How many christians live up to their ultimate profession? not many!

A good tree bears good fruit!

Now, if you are Jewish, or Muslim or Hindi or one of the great Eastern religions, religion is a way of life. There IS a difference, right? Christians have it easy in today's day and age. God forbid if you had to strictly follow the tenets of Orthodox Judaism, or better yet Islam, (the christians shriek in horror!) You see, you thought about it didn't you, that thought crossed your narrow mind! Oh that Islam was not such a bad religion, silly mortal person! It ISN'T!!!

How many Muslim men and women do most christians in North America know, this question is for my American readers? One has a much greater opportunity to interact with people who live the Muslim faith in Canada than one would in the United States. My prof still disagreed with my position, I shut up after that discussion, and sank in my seat!

Anyways, I am in a precarious place, I am in a very new place in my life, and including my sober life. 5 years of sobriety, I've never been here before, this is all new to me and I am savouring this feeling of newness, of exploration of gratitude and joy for my life.

Remember Gratitude - Remember Gratitude...

And that's the kind of day it's been, this 10th day of January 2006.


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