Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tea on Degobah

Yoda, You seek Yoda,
Take you to him I will...

Not ready, he is, train him I will not
To learn the force one must let go of all that
you know of the world you come from
Humility is a requirement to enter the temple
if humility does not exist, a failure you will become
waste not the time given to us to learn

Do or Do Not ... There is no Try !!

"Fear leads to Anger.
Anger leads to Hate.
leads to suffering."

Its all about the journey
Who you meet and what you learn
along the way !!

See post (40 days and 40 nights)
Lent 2005 Archive

I can tell you Louis that I remember the day that the first Star Wars Movie premiered in New Britian Ct, in the mid 1970's, I was there! So I have been on this "Jedi/Yoda trek" for a long time. I have been Poz for 13 years and I am in recovery from substance abuse now entering my 5th year, had I stuck and not relapsed the first time at 4 years I would be clean and sober over 10 years. Addiction, Aids, Sexual and phyiscal abuse, death and survival push you to find the path to enlightenment.

No matter where you find it, there are as many as there are people on the earth. I study the Dao, Buddhism, Judaism and even Islam along with assorted christian traditions, so I am well versed in many things when it comes to staying alive with HIV now 13 years later and I should have been DEAD over 10 years ago when they predicted my death with incredible certainty. That must give you some proof that there must be someone up there who likes me, because I am still here helping others get right and live their best lives !!

Remember how Luke was skeptical when he began his training on Degobah. It took a string of failures for him to realize what Master Yoda was trying to tell him, And he Let Go! So I caution you in judging my methods when you have just stepped onto the path yourself. If you are willing to learn, then let go your preconceptions of God or spirituality and find the commonality between us.

I am not your enemy, but I am much farther down the path than you are at this point. Do not shoot the messenger, you have more to loose than I do, I just offered you some sound advice taken from my book of experience. Everything I share I have seen happen in my life in recovery and within the last 13 years with HIV/Aids. So I got some wealth under my belt. In all humility, I don't need to help anyone, I choose to comeent where I think I can make someone think something other than what they had been taught or indoctrinated to think. If I make you angry or upset you with something I said, then I have done my job, I made you THINK...

Live - Easy - But - Think - First

Life is all about Perceptions...
YOUR perceptions

Once you begin to change internally
Mentally and emotionally and physically
your perceptions of other around you will change
and that will spark a chain of "change" events without
you saying one single word.

We CANNOT change others we can ONLY
change OURSELVES, as we learn about
Ourselves, OUR perceptions change
about others, people, places and things
and as you change others see a change and
by coincidence - they will change by the power
of example. When our perceptions change and we grow up
petty problems that once were, are no more.
Stay the path Paduan learner there is much for you
to learn and experince.

Welcome to DEGOBAH !!!!!

Unless you change your perceptions about everything
around you you will never become a Jedi Knight

I will be 39 years old this next Summer and you know I've got alot of years of therapy church, religion, addiction and recovery and spirituality under my belt so if you are willing to become teachable, then maybe we have something to talk about. There are lots of lessons one learns in recovery that can be a template over anyones life, and it works if you listen to what we are saying to you. If you know you are going to die and they doctors tell you that you have 18 months to live - that you have aids, you are sure as shit going to go looking for the direct line to the almighty and beg for more time if not the rest of your life.

The Paduan students enter the temple to learn from the Masters to learn about the force and how to use it and control it to fight the dark side. So enter the temple paduan learner and remember that some of us have been on this road alot LONGER than you have been, and if you stick around long enough you just mght learn something about yourself.

This IS all about YOU, and how you can change YOU,(IE your perception) of yourself and others around you. Because in the end the only person you are powerful to change in YOU, not your boyfriend, your wife or your significant other, because if you go into a relationship to change the Other, you will fail.

Take a look in the mirror
A good long look
What do you perceive?
amd what do you want to change?
and what answers do you seek?
be careful what you ask from the Universe because if
the Universe thinks you are ready for the
answer, it will come to you...

but sometimes you get the standard answers
Maybe Tomorrow
Rephrase the question
Maybe tomorrow
I don't think you really want that answer right now
ask me again in a few day !!

Remember - We make plans and God laughs
Live in the moment and stay in your day
all we have is 24 hours to work with each day
so make the best of it

Wasted Time is Wasted Time
Time is a precious commodity
once wasted it can never be regained!!


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