Monday, January 09, 2006

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Everyone knows that I am not a political writer, but I did watch the second debate for the elections that will take place on January the 23rd, 2006. 2 hours of listening to Steven Harper, Paul Martin and Gilles Duceppe argue over election issues, and lastly Jack Layton standing there telling us that we should vote for his NDP candidates.

Now, is it me or what. Not Once did Jack Layton address the public during this event as a possible winner of this election, now Peter tells me and I know that he doesn't stand a chance of winning this election, but you know, "what if?" he did not leave me with a very good sense that if the tide turned and the NDP was in any way close to winning an election, did he say what he would do as Prime Minister. I know the NDP won't win, but might get a few seats in Parliament, he just left me wanting more from him as a leader.

For me, Jack Layton sounded more like a really driven "cheer leader" routing for his team of possibly "good for Canada" mp's. What If Jack Layton were to become PM, what the hell would or could he do? I don't know from this debate. We need to follow the "Path" to a better Canada, I happen to agree, anything is better than what we've had, and I am surely NOT going to vote Conservative.

Paul Martin. He had a few good points. He argued a good game, and might have stopped his slide into the pit of loss in this debate, maybe he talked a good talk to at least produce a Liberal win and keep the conservatives out of the winning column. I don't know if I will vote Liberal, I am more an NDP supporter. Paul Martin did not convince me that he had the game in the bag, as of yet, we must see how he performs in the next two weeks.

On Mr. Gilles Duceppe.

I'm a Quebecer by blood. I am an Anglophone from a Francophone family blood line maternally! Although I am beginning to understand the Federalist side of the arguement for the separatist issue. I don't know if separation would help Quebec by making it its own country on a grand scale. It might help on a provincial scale, but Paul Martin is right, that a "United Canada" is better on the world Competition stage, rather than a divided Canada. I'm just not an arrogant Francophone who wants to see my city separated from Canada. I don't see the Anglophone as a blight on the Francophone culture of Quebec. I love Quebec, but not enough to support separation, and if that ever happens, we will leave Montreal for Vancouver sure enough.

Mr. Duceppe had many good points, in his arguements. Although the Quebec agenda is high on his list of priorities, Canada as a whole comes second to the separatists agenda. On the National Unity Question Mr. Paikin asked Duceppe why there should be a third sovereignty referendum in Quebec, given that Quebecers have twice voted against it. Duceppe painted it as a difference between individual and collective rights. "Collective rights are decision-making by a nation, and Quebec is a nation," he said. Same sex legislation should not be revisited according to Mr. Duceppe, separation should.

Mr. Harper...

He does not have a grasp of what the needs of Canada are. I don't think that he would lead Canada into the future, and if, as it was said, Mr. Harper is "in bed" with the Republican Party of the United States, whom are an inspiration to Mr. Harper, then Canada is in BIG trouble, should he win. He wants to move towards a Conservative, Canada. He would revisit certain social issues, he would take money from those who need it. Mr. Harper spent alot of his time pointing fingers at Mr. Martin on the scandal and investigation issues. On the Charter issue Mr. Harper responds "A Conservative government would seek to entrench property rights protection in the Constitution." "Mr. Harper termed the handgun ban as a "phony law," adding, "This is the first government in history that hasn't controlled the flow of guns from the United States."

Mr. Harper is poised to change the definition of Marriage on a free vote in Parliament if he wins, so all you queer boys and all of you who support us, we must not let this happen.

Mr. Harper said alot of things, you can read some of the transcripts of the English debate

I'm not sure how I will vote at this point, I must watch the campaign unfold over the coming weeks.

On January 23rd
Please for the Love of Canada


Keep the Conservatives Out of Power
Please, or we are all in trouble


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