Thursday, January 19, 2006

A new doctor in the family

I am tired tonight, I took a nap this afternoon after class which ended up a 7 hour affair with my comfy pillows. Today was a good day. Me mentor is up for an award at school for The Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching. I was honored to be asked to write a letter of recommendation. Add to that, this morning when we went to class, we had a guest lecturer on Hinduism by "Dr. Steven Lindquist." It was announced that Steven had successfully defended his PHD and received his "Dr. of PHD," I guess that's what one calls it. I clapped and cheered for him, what a great accomplishment. How wonderful to see people achieve greatness in your own little world - it is also a very proud moment for the department and the university. Congratulations Steven, we are proud of you.

I am finding my Methods class to be quite a challenge, not in a bad way, but I find David Tracy's writing to challenge me to ask questions and concerse with the text. That text would be "Plurality and Ambiguity" Hermeneutics, Religion and Hope. That is one of the 2 main texts we are using in class. I enjoy this class because it lends to really great discussion, and it challenges me to "think" not that I don't think, like I said, the depth of this class is very different from the others.

I think I've made my decision as to how I will vote on Monday !!

Certainly NOT for the Conservative Party...

I'm tired and don't have anything Amazing to write about tonight, so I am going to gead out for my comfy bed. See y'all tomorrow.


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