Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Confidence and desire to accept

Wow, boys and girls, this last post caused some serious debate, more debate on one topic on my blog than any other post I have written in some time. So I hope that you will allow me to explore my feelings and positions with you. I've never been one to get involved politically, it was never my forte, alas, when I came to Canada I strove to get "into" myself, and my country and to have a full and rounded life here in Montreal and in Canada. I have yet to make real inroads language wise, but that will come in time. When I can devote 100% of my efforts to it, I just can't afford the extra time right now to do language study proper justice.

I need to understand why I am here, why I chose to come home to my roots - and why I am who I am and why I feel the way I do about certain subjects and issues. Now, I know many of you were born and grew up in Canada and know what you know because you lived the experience, and I give each of you respect in that degree. But for me I need to know about the country that I chose to become a "part of" I got into University and over the last three years I have learned a great deal about myself, and I've even changed my "slanted/romantic" views on a great many subjects.

I have learned about my past and made peace with it and let it go. I got sober in Montreal and over the last four plus years now, I have learned how to live a sober life one day at a time. I did not know Canadian politics at all, but when I met my (now) husband, we got political because we wanted to get married. The battle with the Catholic church fired us both up to get "Political" and lobby for rights and freedoms like everyone else.

I started this blog over a year ago and I invited the world into my life and many of you, my faithful readers, have been very gracious to accept me into your lives and you validate my existence and we talk about a great many things. Now, I am coming to figure out what life means to me as a man, a gay man and a married man, in a country that affords me certain rights and freedoms.

Like I have said, I am not a political writer. I want to believe, (and this is my fatal flaw) in my personality, that every person has one "single redeemable quality" about them and that every one is afforded the right to prove their merit in word and deed, and that is how I live. Now I've been watching these politicians preen and prance around Ottawa for the last 4 years, and I am tired of corruption and drama and scandal.

My God that is a way of life in the U.S. and yes I voted as an NDP in the last election because the NDP speaks about concerns that are important to me and my husband. I voted Liberal this time around to keep a liberal seat from going to the Conservative party, that was my rationale. The NDP candidate in my riding had no chance of winning this seat, so better to be safe then sorrier for voting in the opposition to what I expected.

Then again, this is all about human expectations. We have needs and human desires. Politicians have not been kind to humanity in the last 4 years that I have been in Canada, and I know that. I have seen it in my own community. Yet I write and try to affect change one reader at a time. I got political because I did not agree with many writers of the day, yet I respect a few men out there who write. This election was not about "ME" and as a sober person, when is life "just about me?" In sobriety we learn to live outside the phrase, "what about me!" I've battled with that thought for years, and I I have had some growth.

The conservative parties of the past, AS I HAVE STUDIED Canadian History were not kind and screwed up Canada. But I wonder if Steven Harper can DO something GOOD, with his time in office while it lasts. I may be gay, and not support many conservative measures, but Mr. Harper has a few good ideas. Maybe we could sit back and look at the greater picture. I doubt that George Bush will march acorss the Northern Border and sign a terrorism and Right Wing Alliance with Mr. Harper any time soon.

AS we know, voters may have given Mr. Harper a "MINORITY" government, but they were wise not to give him too much power, IF you look at the makeup in the number of seats now sitting in the opposition parties, the P.Q. , the N.D.P and the Liberal party.

With Mr. Martin stepping down as leader of the Liberal party maybe someone younger and stronger with the "fire of desire" will step up and take the lead in bringing the Liberal Party a much needed FRESH Resurrection!! And maybe the Liberal Party and the other opposition parties will keep Mr. Harper from venturing into anything "radically" opposed or "farther right" than necessary. I did watch Mr. Harper's campaign, and I must admit, I was tempted to vote for him, based on what I was hearing, and I mused, maybe I could consider his party.

I thought that maybe I could embrace a "different train of thought." If one is so emotionally wrapped up in the past, how can we embrace the future. If we are so wrapped up in pointing fingers and holding onto resentments towards past leaders, how can we embrace those in power now? I mean, as a sober person, isn't getting sober learning how to deal with the past in the hopes of walking into the future free and easy...

I know many people in Canada are preparing to hate the leader and plan his demise including the demise of his party. And IF you are so inclined to change the present we must plan for the future by getting involved and starting trying to get our voices out there to do something.

We can't sit in our piles of shit of the past and moan about how bad the past leaders were. Because that only keeps us from embracing the men in office now. And we have to at least attempt to be graceful and accommodating. If I have not asked all of my readers to "Consider the possibilities" then why come here and read.

Mr. Harper may not be the best candidate, and he may not have been your choice for a leader, but we have to at least give it a go, eh? Isn't that the "christian" thing to do. He will have to prove himself to the Canadian people and only his track record as Prime Minister will SHOW us just how good or bad a man and leader he really is.

I must remind you that only 60% of Canadians voted in this election, SIXTY FREAKING PERCENT. Were people fed up with the government, you bet your ass they were, so many of them decided just to NOT VOTE at all and let the chips fall where they may.

And if they want to sit in judgement of the outcome of the election then it is their OWN damn fault. If you choose to commiserate with them, that is your choice!! WE all have a CHOICE!! So you either choose to move forward and let the past go and move into the future with hope and pride for your country or you sit in the stands and let life pass you by, this is all up to you.

WE have the power, and those of us who voted had the power, yet only 60% of that voting power of Canadians was utilized. Now I encourage you to get your asses out there and fire up your fellows and family and friends to get into politics and get invovled and maybe at the next election period maybe more than 60% of Canadians will vote !!

And THAT will be impetus for change. Maybe the change YOU want !!!

You can be passionate about your position and I ask you to allow me to have my moment and my opinion about politics. This is also my life and I know that you all, many of you, have more years here than I may ever have, and this blog is my experience. I invite you to "Consider the possibilies!" and maybe Canada can grow forwards and upwards.

It takes a village and now it will take a NATION to mold our future the way WE want to by Communicating with our ministers of parliament and senators and Prime Minister. If you have an opinion that does not match mine then so be it, but if you sit there and piss and moan and not do anything in the coming year then you are to blame for the life you live. I thought that Politics was about the people who elected people into office, and if we don't like what they are doing then we get up, get vocal and speak our minds to those persons. Consider the possibilities.

You can choose to get on the bus or you can sit at the bus stop as the bus passes you by!!

We all have a choice.

Consider the possibilities.

The last couple of governments were centered on the Middle region of Canada, the areas of Quebec and Ontario, the Maritimes lived out there to the East and the Prairies and West lived out there to the West. They were neither here nor there, and ner did we consider their contributions, yet the government tried to "sanction and control" their resources and ways of living and such. Was Canada right in how those Canadians were treated?


I wish that Alberta would share some of its wealth with the rest of Canada, if you really want to know what I think of the Provicial Leaders actions!! Hey its their oil and wealth and they don't need to share it with anyone. BUT IF, Canada is to prosper we all must contribute to the greater good, this is ONLY my opinion. So don't scream at me if you disagree...

Now that can change if we Choose to walk into the future...

Now Mr. Harper has representation ALL ACROSS CANADA. I invite the East and West to the table to build a stronger Canada. I am NOT at all in support of a Quebec separation because really, have any of the Separatists thought through ALL of the IMPLICATIONS that a separation might entail, that being the move from federal and provincial assistance programs to setting up and funding one solitary industry to care for the people who decided to separate??? That is a pipe dream. It will create more problems than solutions. Quebec needs to sit still and build upon itself the nation stance it wants in its ENTIRETY as part of a United Canada.

The Maritimes and the Prairies and the WEST need to bring their experience and voice to the table of change for Canada. I am so SICK, SICK to DEATH of pissing and moaning miserable Qubeqers. Jesus, shut up already. The Bloq got less that 50% popular vote and not enough seats to make a difference, they LOST seats to Mr. Harper, which tells me that even the Francophone communities were willing to vote for Mr. Harper and in giving them their vote only strengthened his mandate as Prime Minister.

Central Canada needs to drop the arrogance of self, and embrace the REST of Canada, because in my opinion, the entire nation of Canada has worked to feed its own provincially that wealth must be spread acroos the country so that we ALL can live well. Each province has wealth in some fashion, isn't it time that we started living in unity instead of separation??

We need alot of what the East and West can offer the central regions of Canada. I think we need a little more Canadian respect for the other provinces because Quebec and Ontarians are just too fucking smug and arrogant for my taste. Arrogant Quebeqers give me gas!!

If the Conservative party won seats All the Way across Canada, then don't you think that we can give Mr. Harper a chance to prove himself worthy of our respect and trust? Aren't trust and respect earned through actions and deeds? We must pull together on this and NOT pull apart what is left of Canada, if we are to build then let's BUILD. If you want to criticize and judge based on the past and not open this parliament with a little optimism, then why have I wasted the last 90 minutes PLUS writing this post?

Consider the possibilities.

Stop - Look and Listen to yourself.

Are your arguments and postitions warranted and justified?

There are NO justified resentments....

If you don't let go of the past then why bother with the future. Isn't all that heavy samsonite luggage you are pulling behind you getting heavy and cumbersome?

Consider the possibilities.

I respect all of you who took part in this discussion, maybe you will indulge me and keep this discussion open and alive over the coming months, because rest assured if Mr. Harper crosses my line socially or politically, you bet your ass I will write about it here, so stay tuned...


Consider the Possibilities.


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