Friday, January 13, 2006

BMO Financial Canadian Championships

And so the Road to the
Olympics in Torino, Italy
February 10 - 26, 2006

Begin in Ottawa this week
with the BMO Financial Canadian Championships

This the second night of television broadcasts on TSN, was the men's and women's short program, and after qualifications here are the standings. Jeffrey Buttle is at the Top of the standings going into tomorrow night's free program. Jeffrey got NEW BOOTS, I guess he read my last review from St. John's! he he he AND he skated a program to different music this time as well, and all that hard work and a little change paid off. His program was called "As good as it gets" it was a fantastic program. He landed all his jumps and his form was really on the mark.

Jeffrey skated like a pro, his score going into the free skate is: 115.52
1st place after tonights skate

We Love Jeffrey Buttle
The defending Canadian Champion
Will he earn Gold in Torino?
Stay tuned and find out

Our Second Place in the standings
Mr. Emmanuel Sandhu
You know, I was very impressed with his skate tonight, he was strong
and he skated like an Olympic Athlete, which is far BETTER
than the way he had been skating.
Maybe someone lit a fire under his ass
although he chose NOT
to attempt the Quad in this short program,
he was hesitant to answer
the question as to why he did that,
he had too much to loose to
Jeffrey tonight, and on home Ice
in competition for the Olympics
He took a dive on his Lutz jump and that cost him...

Screw Ups are unacceptible at this stage of the game!!

Emmanuel's score from this round is: 107.93
Second Place - well done Emmanuel

In the third position after tonights short program is Shawn Sawyer.
He skated a strong program and his technique was fantastic.
He had a great skate and did very well.
I enjoyed his program, he was on the money tonight.
If these men hold it together in the top three,
this may be the men's team going to Torino in February.
Shawns totals after tonights performance: 100.37


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