Sunday, January 15, 2006

BMO Canadian Championships from Ottawa

In the words of Jeffrey Buttle
"Good Fight!!"

I present the 2006 Canadian National Champion

Mr. Jeffrey Buttle

2 times Gold Canadian Champion Winner
and also the World Silver Medalist

In the First Position

With his SECOND Canadian Championship Gold Medal win I present Mr. Jeffrey Buttle, the artist, the skater, the Canadian Champion. Although he missed his quad as well and took a dive he still pulled off a First Position WIN!! Samson and Delilah was the music and the program had never been seen at the National Competition level, and was great. Jeffrey has "Strong skating skills" which raises his second marks above the rest when it comes to judging. Jeffrey Buttle is a wonderful and artistic skater, alas; my artistic award still goes to Shawn Sawyer for a fantastic artistic presentation, above these two other men.

Jeffrey's winning numbers were: 266.90

In SECOND POSITION, Mr. Emmanuel Sandhu. Not my favourite skater, I don't really fancy his skating. He lacks the artistic presentation of Shawn Sawyer and the style of Jeffrey Buttle, he failed his quad jump and missed an axle jump, I just think he could flow a lot more, his movement is very staccato and stick like, I hope he ditches that program and that outfit for the Olympics. He just did not "Move Me" like other skaters do, suffice to say he made second position with a score of: 247.08

In THIRD Position: Mr. Shawn Sawyer... I must say from tonight’s free program, Shawn Sawyer was by far the "best artistic skater" of the night. He was "Fantastic." He was smooth and refined; he skated like a consummate professional. He was my "Favourite" artistic presentation this evening. Shawn’s final score was: 232.90

I must make honourable mention of Mr. Patrick Chan, at age 15 he competed in the final flight with the top men in
Ottawa tonight. He is 75 years younger in age than his coach. This young man will be the next "phenom" in Canadian Skating, mark my words. He is too young to compete in the Olympics just yet, but rest assured he will make it for Vancouver 2010, watch and see. Patrick had a great skate, a few flubs and a fall, but he did skate as good as the rest. He has a "Maturity" to his skating, and I think polished and practiced well, he could be a real challenger in the coming years for Skate Canada!!

The announcements for
will be made tomorrow, but it is a
forgone conclusion that these top three men
who made it to the podium in
Ottawa tonight,
will be in
Torino, Italy
for the 20th Winter Olympic Games

Well Done - Men of Canada
Well Done!
and Congratulations from


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