Thursday, January 05, 2006

The BIG time begins

It is snowing again in Montreal, (-3c/-7c snowing) and there is slush and puddles on every corner and intersection, not to mention that there is snow piled up in some areas up to six feet on the side streets.

Today was a very productive and busy day. For the first time in school Peter and I have a class together called Religion and Sexuality with Donald. Knowing how far Peter has come, to sit next to him in class and see him in "action" was a real treat. His animation and willingness to engage the prof is quite a departure from his dialy "house" self. My girlfriends think he is cute and we all sat together up front. "The queer" group! he he he... I also had the first session of my 4th level Methodology and the study of Religion. I've never had class in this particular lecture hall (H-535). And sitting in this vast huge lecture hall with 40 other (4th level) Religion and Graduate Students seemed kind of daunting to me. I had a very "interesting" feeling sitting there, knowing that this class is a MAJOR requirement for my graduation.

In the end the final exam is going to be an assignment of write a grant application in Religious Studies or an application for Masters Degree Study in Religion. I have never felt this sense of "importance" in any of my other classes, not that they have NOT been important, but 4th Level classes are a big deal, failure is Not an Option. I feel a little older today! I feel like I have begun the march into the final stage of my University Education. But I am not feeling stressed YET! Give me a few weeks. I think I can safely say that today I felt a real sense of accomplishment in my educational efforts. This was an important aspect of my afternoon that was a watershed moment for me. This is the Big Time!!

Afterwards I walked home to find out that Peter was on campus taking care of financial matters So I turned around and went back to get our financial aid taken care of and get our textbooks. Do you know how much textbooks are?? We spent almost $250.00 on books for this term already, and I still have 2 more books to buy that are on order. I have amassed quite a collection of Religion text books for my future office. My "Methods" class has surely put a bug in my ear to think about, just what the hell am I going to do with this degree, because we had to share a bit about ourselves and talk about where we were headed, and for the life of me, at that moment, I had no clue!! talk about "being at a loss for words!" Some want me to teach, others have said that I should write, I have another thought in mind.

We've mulled the topic of leaving the Province of Quebec for the hills and mountains of British Columbia, this all hinges on the possibility that Quebec finally separates from Canada. If that happens we are out of here. I have thought about, in recent months trying to find a job in the "hiv community system" out West. Maybe I'd teach, maybe I'd open a private practice, who knows, I am not there yet, but while it is in my head, I might as well write it down! I think my talents and strengths could help certain populations more out of Quebec rather than IN Quebec. The language barrier and requirement would only add at least another year to my studies if I was to go into practice in Quebec.

I am excited about this semester. I am excited that Peter and I will get to share some academic time together with Donald and with ourselves, since we are sharing one set of textbooks between us for the R/S class. (we did find the last used copy of a $65.00 textbook called Religion and Sex and it is only 204 pages) It better serve its weight in wisdom and gold. Thats the most expensive book in this terms arsenal of books. We are (I think) the only "Married same sex" couple in the R/S class so when we get to that section of the class which begins after break, things should get really interesting.

*** Puts the Musack on while he peruses his blog list for fodder ***

I had not had the opportunity to peruse my read list all day so that's where I was for that short interlude. I got some really great information and a pic from a good friend today, and I have to say that made my evening. I have to say that delaing with Financial Aide and the Province of Quebec can lead one to drink! And you know how I feel about that one. By the time we left the book store after the Financial Aid Department, I really wanted a drink! So when I got home there was a sweet pic of a friend and his "scooter!" How cool is that !! I want one of those to ride to school instead of walking!

Oh, I have an appointment to see my doc next week to start my Quit program. I have to drop labs and get his ok and a script for the pharmacy. I feel good. All is well.

"And that's the kind of say it's been this 5th day of January 2006."

(Sound familiar - Canadian Readers??)


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