Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Attention to details...


**(The opinions below are solely my own, and not necessarily those of Concordia University)**

As I entered the Hall Building on Campus today and rode the escalators up to the 4th floor for class this afternoon, I spied something I found peculiar. When you transfer from the 1st floor escalator to the Mezzanine there is Java U, Reggies, the Computer store AND an area for clubs and other activities to put up booths and audio visual displays for students to participate and stop and look at (the Mezzanine Level) , in order to get upstairs from any of the entrances one has to navigate this space, unless of course you choose to take the elevators.

Ok, enough explanation of "spaces." So on my way to the 4th floor this afternoon I look down over the Mezzanine at the booths and what do I see, but a booth being manned by a CONSERVATIVE party Lobbyist, maybe it was an MP for that riding (downtown) or just a campaign worker, anyways I thought to myself, what the hell are the conservatives doing down there, and the other parties have no one there as well!!

I am all for politics, BUT I do think that if the Conservatives can have a booth, where are the other parties? I am hoping that they are down there tomorrow because I want to hear why CONCORDIAN'S should vote Conservative.

I am Gay - I am also MARRIED, and I surely DO NOT support Stephen Harper or his party. I do not think that Stephen Harper has the pulse of "all" of Canada, namely that of the LGBT vote. Since he has said that he will do many things, like set a free vote in Parliament to redefine the definition of marriage, should he become Prime Minister (God help us all). It's very selfish of me to make this next vote personal, but if he succeeds in his quest for Sussex Drive, the LGBT community will be directly affected.

There are too many LGBT people attending Concordia, not to mention all of the LGBT
professors, staff and advisors in many departments like the Interfaith Chaplaincy. I am not convinced that voting for or supporting the Conservative Party is wise for Concordia as a University, although anyone can rent space on the Mezzanine to campaign.

I hope that Concordia has (offered/offers) space to all of the other political parties in the coming days. We would not want to be showing preferance for one political party over another, would we?

Concordia is not a bastion of Conservativism by any means, IMHO!!

I don't think that Stephen Harper can win the Election
I don't think that Stephen Harper will do right by Canada
I don't think that Stephen Harper can keep his promises
I don't think that Stephen Harper can lead ALL of Canada EQUALLY!!
I don't think the Conservatives will be supportive of LGBT Issues at all.

If Harper wins the election, we can welcome into Canada the Republican Right from the United States to have a direct impact on HOW Mr. Harper will govern Canada, like a religious fundamental BASTARD we call George Bush!! GOD HELP US ALL!! The Individuality and uniqueness that we maintain here in Canada will be lost in Mr. Harpers Marriage of convenience to the U.S. Republican Party Base of the United States. Republicans and or Conservatives in office mean that anything but the "right path" is no path!

Do you want the Conservatives to start changing the ways we live in our societies? Do you really think that Stephen Harper will do anything to help communities on the fringe, communities in distress? Communities that need serious help, like the Innuit and native peoples of Canada? And of course the LGBT community as a whole, after ALL of the work we have done in the last 10 years to get recognition and personal/individual rights, do you want Stephen Harper to undo all that has been done for us by the previous Government.

NO !! NO !! AND NO !!

If Stephen Harper does win the election, we have only ourselves to blame!!


For all of the Love of Canada - VOTE !!


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